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Car seat/friend ?

One of my good friends from high school has a five month old daughter. I recently noticed that she sits in a car seat that is forward facing. The car seat appears to be made for an older child, and the baby's little head slumps forward and she doesn't appear to be supported or safe at all.

This girl (the mom) has never made remarkably good decisions, and doesn't take advice well. I do want to say something, because I would hate for something to happen and for the baby to get hurt. But, I don't know how to say it or when. In our state, car seats are supposed to be rear-facing up to one year, I am pretty sure. I don't want to give unwanted advice or seem like a busybody, but its a safety issue in my mind, and I'm thinking maybe she doesn't know? If I was ill-informed, I would want someone to set me straight.

What would you do?

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