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Meeting with attorney for first time Friday, need advice

So I am filing a divorce from my stbxh and will be meeting with my attorney for the first time on Friday for a consult. I have got a lot of my financials in place and ready. We are still living together and we both work. I plan on moving once I have met with the attorney. I have two kids, 4 & 2, both in pre-school, the 4 yr old will start kindegarten in fall, so school situation may have to be determined. He is also autistic.

Is there anything else I need to do to be prepared?

Re: Meeting with attorney for first time Friday, need advice

  • And did I mention that stbxh and his mother are emotionally abusive towards me.
  • You will want to let him know what you would like to go for as far as custody, he can advise.  I don't know if emotional abuse will hold up as far as in court.  Maybe.  I would just lay it all out there and he will let you know what to do.
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  • Relax, and bring a pad of paper to write down the things she needs you to get for her. When I see a client for the first time I do appreciate having the financials, birth certificates, marriage license. Your attorney should be able to put you at ease.  If she doesn't do NOT HESITATE to get a different attorney.

    In divorces the thing that drives bills up is needless bickering between the parties. If you can stick to a single objective - what is best for your children, it won't put you in the poor house.  If you make to 'make him hurt' and fight about each and every bit, it will be expensive. 


  • I cant give you better advice than BGG but something I found very helpful was to have a timeline of the things that happened between BD and me and not just start rambling about our case. I sticked to what was important and matter in the case vs the way it made me feel.

    Also write down the questions that you want to ask her in advance so you dont waste as much time. 

    Also ask, if they have payment options. 

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  • assests you both have and paystubs were one i was asked for. the assets were to determine what we needed to do  and what I wanted. and the paystub was to get a ball park for child support I will get cause he hasnt even offered to give me money.  Im just starting the process myself.  Others are right the more you can make a list of before hand of who wants/gets what will save you a lot of time.  I had talked with someone a little while ago before i went to a diff lawyer ( i had to change to one where we lived together cause i live an hour away now.) just to have papers served will cost you a bit.  mine also asked the reason for leaving, cheating drinking abuse ect.   good luck
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