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Hey ladies, I've been MIA lately because I've been overwhelmed with work.  We had another dr. appointment on Monday and my doctor has asked that we start coming back every two weeks.  I also had some pain last week down my right side and trouble breathing so she mentioned me leaving work or going to half days soon.  We have had snow days the last three days and I can tell the difference in my body from being able to relax all day opposed to teaching my 25 students.  Just wondering how many of you are planning on leaving work early or what your doctors have said about it?!


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  • My regular OB is fine with me working.  My Internal Specialist was kind of weird about it, though.  At my appointment a month ago, she asked, "So are you still working?" When I said yes, she stared at me for a while, then said, "Oh....Well...Do you ENJOY being at work?"  I said yes again.  Her reply was, "Ok, then.  Normally we would see you again in a month, but since you want to work, we'll have to see you in two weeks."

    It was really awkward!  I'm so not ready to give up work yet.  

    I run an afterschool program, and for the first 4 hours of the day I have the option to just sit at my desk and work at my computer.  It's not bad at all.  Then once we get the kids for the last 3 hours of the day, I can often station myself by the front doors of the school to be available if any of my teachers need me or if parents enter the building.  The only trouble comes in when my one of my teachers is sick and I need to take over their class...which lately has been around 3 days a week with all the sickness going around.

    We have spring break the first week of April, and I'm really hoping to make it in to work for at least a week after that.  Money will be tight even if I work right up until the day I deliver, so the more hours I can squeeze in, the better.

  • I've noticed a major difference in the past 2 weeks.  I'm much more tired and my belly is heavier.  I have aches and twinges in places I never thought possible.  Luckily, I teach high school so I can lecture from my desk or a chair at the front of the room.

    I just had an OB appt last week and he said right now he's not giving me any restrictions.  He felt like my body will tell me when I'm overdoing things.  I've been very lucky to not have any issues throughout this pregnancy but my OB reminded me that things can change at a moment's notice. 

    I've set my goal as Spring Break.  If I can make it until then, I'll be about 30 weeks.  Any time after that is just icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned.

  • I work part-time anyway due to school. But with my BP creeping up, my OB wants me to start taking my BP throughout my shift at work and make sure it's not getting too high. Right now, my blood work is saying that I don't have pre-e, but they're increasing their monitoring to once a week so they can catch it if it happens. If my BP rises at work, they'll probably pull me off.

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  • How is everybody doing with stretch marks so far?

    I just noticed a few popping up on my thighs this morning for the first time.  Ahh!  I'm mostly stretch mark free right now, though.  I thought I'd be riddled with them by now because my skin was already prone to them before pregnancy.  There's still plenty of time for them to show up.  :-)

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    How is everybody doing with stretch marks so far?

    So far, I only have them on my lower belly so far.  Only DH and I see that skin, so I'm not too worried about it.  Plus, I'm very light-skinned and have some existing stretch marks, but you can't really see them.

  • My OB has only kept me on pelvic rest and "take it easy" restrictions, but my MFM specialist is way more cautious.  She told me from the beginning that I should expect to be pulled from work around 28-30 weeks even if everything is ok.

    Unfortunately, I've had increasingly more frequent BH contractions, a lot of pelvic pressure and a lot of cramping.  The cramping is probably being caused by my fibroid (it keeps losing blood supply and causes pain for me) but they still have me coming in every other week for a cervix check just to make sure. 

    My specialist now says that if I have any sign of cervical changes during one of the checks, she'll go ahead and pull me out.  I still hope to make it to 28 weeks working full-time or at least part-time.  I work at a desk job, so nothing that has me on my feet. 


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  • Oh, as for stretch marks, I don't have any yet.  I did get them going through puberty, so I fully expect to be a road map by the time I'm done!

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  • I am so tired lately and just feeling big. I am a sahm and am running after an 18 month old. My iron levels were down at my last appointment so hopefully I will get a little more energy after the suppliments kick in.

    Suprisingly I do not have stretch marks yet! I got them very late with my son (in the 30 wks) but they have mostly faded. I am measuring 36 wks so I am sure they will pop up soon!

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