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Almost Passing Out During U/S

My last two ultrasounds have been miserable.  My heart races, I get lightheaded, and I start burning up.  I feel so close to passing out.  

Three weeks ago at a growth u/s, we had to stop every 3 minutes so I could turn on my side.  That was the longest hour of my life.  I was so tired and sick afterwards that it took me two days to return to normal.

At this weeks cervical length, they did a quick check abdominally just to look at the heartbeats.  The tech propped up the back of the table for me so I wouldn't be lying flat on my back, but I still had to take two breaks in that short time to calm my body down. 

Is anyone else dealing with this?  I'm terrified of my next growth u/s on Valentine's Day.  The babies will be bigger by then and will put even more strain on my blood flow.  I want to spend the time looking at my boys and not worrying about how I feel.  Have any of you been able to have u/s done while lying on your side the entire time?  I think I'd like to try that if the tech is willing.  Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.


Re: Almost Passing Out During U/S

  • The same thing happened to me.  I was so embarrased at first.  She said it is quite common for that to happen.  She tried to do some of the ultrasound while laying on my side.  She also said maybe blood sugar was low, so maybe have some food & drink before you go in.  The tech said that the baby was probably lying on an atery or a nerve.  Good luck!
  • This happened to me at both of mine as well! She has been laying on my 'vena cava' (sp) I believe my doctor said; the main vein that runs from the legs back to the heart. She had me roll on my side a couple times. I know a couple of times, I had to talk myself out of it because I was SO nervous I was going to pass out, that I actually made myself feel that way. Try taking deep breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth, during the appt. That really helped me calm down, and even out my heart rate. If you have to turn over, then you have to turn over. My tech also said that it is very common during ultrasounds! Maybe even ask for a cold rag on your forehead or neck during the appt. I did that with my first one because I started getting sick to my stomach and really sweaty.
  • This happened to me at my last growth u/s.  It was particularly embarrassing because my MIL was there for that one.  It only happened once though.  I told the tech I was feeling dizzy and she made me turn on my side and adjusted the bed so my head was tilted down. 

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  • Anytime I lay on my back too long I feel like I can't get enough oxygen.  Lay on your left should help!

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