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HELP! Days & Nights Confused...

What can I do? Seriously? I'm going to lose my mind. Last night he was up, wide awake until 5:30 this morning. I actually started crying because I was so tired. He's so stinking cute though. We tried to keep him up all evening, and DH gave him his first bottle (3 oz) hoping that the fullness would make him content to sleep.

Any recommendations?

Re: HELP! Days & Nights Confused...

  • at less than 2 weeks you just have to wait it out,,,
  • For us this only lasted a week or so. We just kept it very dark in the nighttime, no talking, nothing interesting to look at....eventually he started sleeping longer and longer stretches at night. Make sure you nap when you can - leave cleaning, etc for another day!
  • Wait it out.  We had more problems when we tried to keep DS up. 
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  • By trying to keep him up, you are just going to over tire him and have a very cranky baby on your hands. ?Sleep begets sleep, so let him sleep whenever he wants.

    All you can really do is make sure that it is bright during the day and you talk with normal voices, make noise etc. and at night that it is dark (don't turn the light on, talk in soft voices, etc. and he will get it eventually.


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  • Your first mistake is trying to keep him up!  He is too young to distinguish between days and nights.  You need to let him sleep whenever he is tired right now.  I bet if you would have let him sleep he would sleep better at night time. I still let my little guy take naps all night if he wants and he sleeps fine at night time.

    Make sure it is light during the day and dark during the night (I even have it fairly dark in the living room before his bedtime).

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  • Try changing his clothes both in the morning & at night, even if it is jammies to jammies.  During the day keep it bright in the house and in the evening dark.  Maybe try to get out during the day, even just outside for a quick walk or somthing.  My DD had day/nights confused for about the first 2 weeks or so.  It will get back, he will figure it out.  Good luck, hang in there.
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  • Unfortunately, there is not much you can do.  Keep the lights low in the evening/night and begin a night-time routine so that he connects bathtime/story time with sleeping.  It will take a couple weeks before he gets it worked out.  Don't force him to stay awake, he may get too tired and then fight sleep.  Forget about the dishes and laundry, order take-out for dinner.  Just make sure you sleep when he sleeps during the day.
  • we started a night routine with my daughter and that helped alot. we put her in her pjs for nigh turn all the lights off and turn her lullibies on and when we wake her for a feeding or she wakes up for a feeding we change her then feed her and she falls fast asleep. Also if a baby is to cold they will not go to sleep so we have the vents to her room pointed away from the crib.
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