2nd Trimester

Due in June with a boy. NO clue for names! LOL

And I have ZERO clue where to start! LOL

I have a Emmalee (13 yrs old) and a Liam (6 years old) and am due in June.

I remember my son's name being difficult to figure out but this one I have 1 on the list! LOL


 ANY suggestions based on my naming style?

Carie - wife to Cedric and Mom to 3 miracles - Emmalee, Liam & Aiden



Re: Due in June with a boy. NO clue for names! LOL

  • There's a woman that works at a salon I get my hair done at. She had her third baby on Team Green with NO baby names, girl or boy chosen.

    She says that her and her husband just waited till it was time to deliver, and when they saw their daughter, her name just appeared magically in their head...

    I dunno about all that, but you have some time to mull it over.

    Personally, I really like Curran or Devon, but turns out I'm having a girl.. so feel free to use either LOL 

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  • We really liked





    and since we are having a girl are using none of them! =)

    good luck!

    --lilah dorothy-- may.16.2011
  • I am in the same boat with my 1st baby boy. I love Lukas. DH doesn't... and so the search continues. Maybe you can ejoy Lukas for me!!!!
  • I found naming my son really hard.  I think its just as hard this time around but I'm impressed at how my DH's suggestions have improved...then again anything is better then when he suggested Loki for our first child!

    I'm just not in love with boy names.  Its too hard to be oringinal because it seems like everything is over used.  I mean original in the sense that there wont be 5 other boys with the same name in his class in school. 

    My Dh suggested a Maxwell and so far its topping our list.  Our first son's name is Ryker. 

    The interesting thing is that with both boys working out middle names was the easiest part.  With DS 1 we put our father's names in as middle names. With this baby we will use great grandfathers.

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  • im due june8 with a boy also. his name is carter david :)
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