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I was hoping not to have to do this...

but our fuzzibunz are just dying. ugh. the elastic is crap, total crap. and i've just re-read all of the shady business practices stuff...and i'm disinclined to replace fbs with fbs.

E is 2 1/2 and has sat on the potty several times, hasn't done anything, but we are planting the seed for potty learning. so i'm not looking to restash.

is it realistic to think we can get by on our gigantic stash of prefolds, for a toddler? we've mostly used them to stuff fbs, but sometimes we do also use them just trifolded in a cover.

i might need a few more covers, but it would be fab to get out of pockets altogether.

is this feasible? does anyone only use pfs with a toddler? (ok, we'll still use b4s for overnight. but during the day i mean)

Re: I was hoping not to have to do this...

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