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EFFer Weekly Challenge

How did everyone do last week??

This weeks challenge. Buy something from a bulk bin and try to use a re-usable container. 



Re: EFFer Weekly Challenge

  • i don't knwo what last week's challenge was, i've been out of the loop for quite awhile. but i'm using reusable containers constantly! :)
  • Well we put our lap top chargers, phone chargers and rechargeable battery charger all on a strip in our room that is now only on when needed. Our VHS has been unplugged completely. The coffee pot is now only long enough to heat a pot of water and back off again.


    I plan on going to a co-op tonight with the hubbs and kids to see what its like. A local my from my parenting group shops there. I already have my re-usable produce bags waiting to go in the car, and need to get out a container for some bulk foods.

  • We buy a lot of baking supplies (flours, sugar, etc) in bulk and put them in glass jars, and I also get snack foods like popcorn kernels, nuts, and dried fruit and do the same thing. Saves money and it's EFF!
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  • Question - how does one do reusable containers for bulk items?  I don't think our regular grocery (where we buy bulk dried fruit & oatmeal) has any sort of scale to tare out.  Fortunately, we can recycle the bags after rinsing them, but curious for those of you that do use reusables at the store - what do you use? 

    I do need to get back into using our produce bags...

    Last week - didn't do much.  Most of our house was already on the power strip that gets turned off thing, but I can't say I did much to find more... :(  Curious if anyone does that at work.  I'm debating (would if I was positive no one would be using my computer while I was gone on leave).

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  • I did okay last week - was basically more aware about unplugging things but I did leave some big things plugged in.

    Excited for this week though!

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