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Random question about gestational diabetes...

I'm not even pregnant so I have no idea why I'm thinking of this.  Also, for the record I didn't have GD either!!

If you have diabetes (type 1 or type 2) prior to becoming pregnant, will you still be tested for GD or do you already have to follow a GD type diet?  What if you didn't know you had type 1 or type 2 and tested, would you get a positive result for GD (the Dr. would say you have GD but it's possible you already had type 1 or 2)?

Totally random and dumb!!

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Re: Random question about gestational diabetes...

  • I didnt have diabetes prior to becoming pregnant and I didnt meet any of the criteria that normally fits a person that would have gestational diabetes but I ended up with GD fun!!  And now because I had GD its more thank likely I'll be diabetic later in life and have GD with the 2nd baby.   Just annoying because I'm not overweight, I'm not older than 30, no family history, and i'm white .....didnt add up that I should have GD.   Oh was healthy but having to follow the diet etc was no fun!
  • I didn't have diabetes prior to pregnancy either, but with DS #1 I developed GD. I am now pregnant with DS #2 and so far I have not developed GD. I was tested really early this time around at 14 weeks and my OB said I will be tested again at 28 weeks. I am hoping I get lucky and it stays away!
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  • I'm a type 2 diabetic and when I got pregnant, I was taken off the oral meds and switched right to insulin immediately after getting BFP.  I followed the traditional diabetes diet (low-carb, low-sugar) but also had to watch out for sugar alcohols, which are in a lot of sugar-free stuff.  It honestly was a pain but so worth my gorgeous baby boy being healthy.  :) 
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  • I was pre-diabetic before becoming pregnant so when I became pregnant they tested me. I was diabetic & put on insulin right away. All pregnant women have some type of insulin resistance. If you had any before pregnancy pregnancy will only compound it. So with me they called it GD because it was found in pregnancy. After delivering I went back to pre-diabetic. With in a year I was Type 2. 

    If you are tested for GD during pregnancy & have T1 or T2 they will most likely diagnose it as GD. Not sure  why you are asking this but if you have any suspicion that you have diabetes of any kind, T1, T2 or Pre get tested before getting pregnant. Uncontrolled diabetes in early pregnancy can cause complications with the fetus. Some can be birth defects or even loss of pregnancy. This is for early pregnancy not GD.  

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  • i also had none of the risk factors of  getting GD. when i went to my appt around 28 weeks he tested me and my sugar was 245 and its supposed to be under like 160-180.. and he went ahead and skipped the 3 hr test.. i have to be on a strict diet... and the pills he prescribed me i cant take due to bein allergic to them.. so if i cant control it with die he will have to put me on insulin shots....


    im now consided high risk

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