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Bursting my Bubble!

Just need to rant... found out I was pregnant after TTC for 8 months, and we were so happy. We weren't broadcasting, but wanted to share with friends and family. Some of the comments I've heard are "don't get excited, you could miscarry" or "oh, we were hoping your sister in law got pregnant first." I just don't know how to handle these comments from people! I know I won't be in the "safe" zone till week 12 or 13, but what a heart breaker it is to know people think I shouldn't be excited about this. I am just stunned silent.
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Re: Bursting my Bubble!

  • don't let those a$$holes get to you.. you have every right to be thrilled...just think positive and try not to let them get to you!! Big Smile
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  • I am sorry you are having a bad experience. I completely know how you feel. My mother oh my gosh. But my mother-in-law screamed in my ear for 20 minutes. My MIL Is so excited. My sister and mom are pretty blah about it.

    Don't let it get to you. They are just inconsiderate. Not thinking before they open their traps. 

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  • I'm sorry they are reacting that way. My family is fairly iffy about it too, but people should not being saying that to you. Just enjoy it every day and don't let them get you down. 
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  • I'm sorry you had such an ungrateful welcoming for the new baby, and a baby is a baby, and something to be proud of whether it will be there in a month or not. Right now it is still you're baby and you should be proud of it and they should to. And If they had wanted your SIL to get pregnant first they should have let her in on that little idea. It has nothing to do with you or them! Just try to be gracious, and be thankful you have a baby. People are selfish, and egocentric, we've only been married 4 months, but we can afford a baby and wanted one, and when we told the family some of them were excited and some of them were like " My God, You could have waited a little" The better attitude you have and the happier you keep yourself, the healthier and happier your baby will be, and now that is ALL that matters. Hope their attitudes adjust.


  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I don't know you at all but I think it's wonderful that you are pregnant after trying for 8 months. I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy and your family can start showing you the excitement, enthusiasm and support you need!
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  • Thanks for all the nice replies. I understand the need to be cautious but I'm so happy, and now I just want to cry and sleep (as opposed to just sleep lol). My husband and I did wait, we were married in 2007, and my brother and SIL were married in 2008 and have also been trying. It wasn't a race, we only started last year, but because we're not as, no other way to put this, financially well off as they are, we should have waited. Mind you we're renting a great house, have jobs, feed ourselves, pay our bills, and all that (and no debt!) but still, they make more money so it should have happened to them first.... lol.... gotta love family!
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  • YUCK! to your family for not being supportive.

    MY DH & I also tried for a long time to get pg and we know how excited we are- so CONGRATS!!! you have EVERY right to be excited!! :-) Don't let anyone make you think otherwise. Enjoy this time and surround yourself with happy ppl :)

  • Wow, what a disgusting response! Ignore their negativity and enjoy this happy and blessed period of time! I would make a mental note of those individuals and keep them at arms length, if they said things like that once I'm sure there is more where it came from.

    Just enjoy this time and congratulations!

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  • I totally understand. We havent even told my family about this pregnancy yet. I know my mom will pretty much imply I should abort..She asked if we were going to keep DD!  Both were totally planned. But like you, we're not super wealthy but we're not hurting either! Just ignore it and enjoy this time :)



  • people say the dumbest things. just wait till they start in with unsolicited assvice. 
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