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Antibiotics and Diarrhea? Help!

My 16 month old son is having his first antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection. Day 3 of the meds saw him vomiting and having the WORST diarrhea. Step one, I stopped the med Step two, ply him with fluids and yogurt. Step three, have called the doc to request a different antibiotic Now what? Haven't had vomiting but still has wicked runs. Is there something besides yogurt that will help restore his tummy bacteria? Sore bottom- all the "business" has made his tush sore. Butt paste isn't doing the trick. What can I do to protect and soothe his little hiney?

Re: Antibiotics and Diarrhea? Help!

  • there is a stomach virus going around.  Diarrhea can definitely happen iwth antibiotics (augmentin was awful for my daughter) but the throwing up makes me think it might not be antibiotic related (and in fact my pedi said for another antibiotic, omnisef, that it would not cause vomiting)-did you askt he pedi about that?

    A&D works best for us as far as diaper rahs goes.

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  • DS was on antibiotics recently for a dull ear infection and he had explosive diarrhea poops every day while he was on it. There was nothing we did except coat his hiney in cream and change his diapers frequently. Sometimes a little time without a diaper helps too, the air hitting it helps.


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  • First of all, if he is vomiting that much, I would cut out the cow's milk right away.  Water, pedilyte and gatorade.  Also, go over to your local pharmacy and get a probiotic capsule, the one that are plastic pills that are filled with powder.  Pull them apart and mix them into whatever fluids he is keeping down.  That'll help with the diarrhea.  You can also mix them in with applesauce if he will take it.  I'd avoid yogurt as well because of the vomiting for right now.  As far as the rash, we use Triple Paste.  It works the best for us and sometimes overnight a combination of vasoline and finely ground raw oatmeal can sometimes help.

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  • I feel like ever since I have moved to NC my LO has always been on Antibiotics since July!  And on top of the diarrhea and sore butt she gets a yeast infection!  definitely a lot of yogurt (organic yogurt)  I give her a lot of bananas and at dinner time a lot of rice to bind her up.  Seems to work okay.  I put the "END IT" butt paste on her and it seems to work okay...smells awful but it helps a little. 
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  • Yogurt tends to help alot, but you can also give hime the BRAT diet until things start to slow down (bananas, rice [white], applesauce, toast [white bread].


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  • We have the same problem with DD.  She gets chronic ear infections and is on anitbiotics a lot.  We've never been able to stop the runs but, we do slather Vaseline on her bottom.  It treats and prevents diaper rash like no other cream on the shelf.  It's really the only thing that has helped any of her rashes.  It's worth a shot and definitely the cheapest option there is.
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