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How Old is Everyone?? and more questions...

How old is everyone, and your spouses? What baby are you on? What did you do for fun before baby came? Do you expect to get back to doing those things? or has your life totally changed?

I am 25 and my DH is 36. This is baby number one for us, and we would like one more in the near future. We were never partiers (well not as a couple anyways- we both were before we got together). We go to the states a few times a year to watch racing, we like to go out on snow machines in the winter, quads in th summer. We spend some time  at camp and then rest of summer travelling.

When Koen is old enough we will go back to the races...but until then we are going to go to camp for most of the summer!!


Re: How Old is Everyone?? and more questions...

  • DH and I are both 27, and this is our first baby. We would like more, but not in the near future. DH is a PhD student at OSU, and we want to wait until he's finished before thinking about a second baby. We were never big partiers, either. We do love basketball - Cleveland Cavs - and can't wait to get to another game. We also like taking little trips (camping, hiking, boating, etc.) and we look forward to bringing along the newest member of our family!



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  • How old is everyone, and your spouses? I turn 32 on Wednesday, DH is 35.

    What baby are you on? Just had our 3rd and last child.

    What did you do for fun before baby came? With our older two kids, we'd see movies, go swimming a lot, beach

    Do you expect to get back to doing those things? or has your life totally changed? We expect to go back to doing those things, though it will take more preparation time now. Before, we could just hop in the car and go, but now we have to plan around her schedule and bring baby gear with us.

  • I'm 28 and DH is 37 (we will be 29 and 38 in March and Feb).  This is our first baby and we too want another in the near future (we will prob start to try in the fall).  We like to hang out at home and have friends over, or go to other friends' houses.  Many of them have kids too, so this won't change much for us.  We'll just take DS with us!

    H LOVES to fish.  DS won't be big enough to fish on the boat this summer, but I'm sure we will take him for short trips on our friend's boat and take him to beach to do some surf fishing (my FIL surf fishes every day during the summer and would love to have his son and grand son there to hang with him...).

    I'm looking forward to taking him to picnics too this summer.  We normally have one to go to almost every weekend, some family, some friends, some for work. All in all, I don't think that our lifestyle will change all that much.  It'll just take us a little longer to get out of the house :)

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  • I am 26 and DH is 29.  This is baby #1 for us and I would like #2 soon.  My preferece is to get pregnant again in the next year but DH wants to wait until Jackson is 2.  DH and I were never party people and I tend to be a homebody most of the time.  I love landscaping my yard and working on house projects.  We actually finished tiling our master bathroom shower a few weeks before Jackson arrived.  DH does brazilian jujitsu and has done some form of it for over 12 years.  I think the only thing that changed since Jackson arrived was our gym time.  I can't really go back to the gym with DH until he is 6 months old and can stay in kidcare while we work out.  We also both love to travel and are currently saving for our next trip to Europe (probably for spring of 2012) and will probably take Jackson with us.
  • We are 25 and this is baby #1. Our parents want us to have another but we are perfectly content with having a family of 3. If we do have another, we'll have 2u2. For fun, DH and I love playing Wii games (the active ones, like DDR, Wii Fit, NFL Training Camp) and watching football. We also throw football around the yard and love going on random adventures... like if we're driving and see the sign that says "Baltimore----76," we will drive 76 miles to Baltimore. Granted that doesn't really happen anymore, but someday we will take LO on adventures with us.

    We are also HUGE Colts fans and we love just being silly! DH also likes doing crafty things with me. He helped me make the jewelry for my bridesmaids at our wedding!

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  • I am 26 and SO is 30. This is our first, and we plan to have more, but waiting probably 3 years or so. We used to have a boat-which we sold before Maci came alone, but we go out to the lake often, and plan to take Maci when she is old enough. We like to go to KU football and basketball games. We partied-but back when I was more like SO was ready to settle down when we met 2 1/2 years ago. We go to dirt track racing in the summer too...swim at his moms pool, hang out. I think we will do a lot the same, because many of our friends had babies this year too! My life is about the same-just WAYYYYYYY better!

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  • How old is everyone, and your spouses? DH is 32 and I am turning 30 this year

    What baby are you on? This baby is our first- and was a total surprise. We still aren't sure if we will have any more...

    What did you do for fun before baby came? DH and I love live music, and spend a lot of time going to see our favorite bands. We are also kind of homebodies. We like to hang out and barbecue with friends and go hiking and camping. We like to take advantage of all Maine has to the summer.

    Do you expect to get back to doing those things? or has your life totally changed? Life has totally changed- but those changes won't make us stop doing what we love. Althea came with us to a lot of music while I was pregnant- and LOVES music now. We plan to bring her to a music festival this summer. She will stay with my sister close by- but I plan to bring her during the day a couple times to see the live music. It is a big part of our lives- and will be a big part of hers too. We are the only ones in our group of friends with a baby- but they still all love to come visit and play with her- so really, that hasn't changed much either. And we can't wait to take the ergo and go hiking this summer!

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  • I'm 26 (27 in Feb) And Mr.MM is 30. We are on baby #1 and there will be no others (hopefully). Before Paige, Mr.MM was a homebody. He would go hunting or four wheeling with friends occasionally but trying to get him to go out is like pulling teeth. We would do game night with friends about once a month (they have kids too so we would go to their house)

    Mr.MM hasn't stopped going hunting, four wheeling, or any of that stuff, it's just scaled back. I used to be the person that was always on the move and that has scaled back drastically. I'm just too tired for most of it now. I;m sure eventually we'll get some kind of normalcy back. 



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  • How old is everyone, and your spouses? We are both 25.What baby are you on? This was our first. With DH being in medical school, we will wait at least 2 years (until he graduates) to have our second baby.What did you do for fun before baby came? We love traveling, going out to new restaurants, movies, and the beach. Do you expect to get back to doing those things? or has your life totally changed? We will be able to do all the things we love, it might just be a bit easier when she is a little older. For now, going out to eat and to the movies is definitely going to have to be put on hold (unless we get a sitter).
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  • How old is everyone, and your spouses? I am 32 and DH is 30.

    What baby are you on? This is our first child. We are undecided about a second baby, but if we do decide on having a second we'll be trying sometime around LO's first birthday.

    What did you do for fun before baby came? We love sports and going to Red Sox and Celtics games. We also live a block from the Red Sox minor league team, so we would go to games there often as well. We go to a couple concerts a year, and go out to dinner once or twice a month. We do most of our things in the summer, going to festivals, just walking around in Newport, etc. 

    Do you expect to get back to doing those things? or has your life totally changed? Right now, our life is totally changed and we haven't really done anything since LO has arrived. However, on Feb. 21 we are going to see David Gray and staying in Boston for the night. LO is staying at my parents' house. I'm really nervous about it, but if all goes well we plan on trying to do a night away from him and one or two local date nights once a month. As much as we love our son, we both really miss our pre-baby life and look forward to getting some of our US time back. But of course, on the other hand we can't wait to take LO to ballgames, travel with him (we love road trips!), and especially take him to Disney World for his first birthday!!

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  • I'm 30, DH is 29, we are on baby #2 (DD is 18 months old). We loved to go out, hang out with friends, and travel. Most of that has come to an end since DD was born...although now a lot of our close friends are pregnant and/or on their first kids (we were one of the firsts to have a baby out of our group).
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  • I'm 30 and H is 28. This is our first child. We used to visit vineyards locally, go to museums, and travel. I don't know that we'll be doing much of that anytime soon, but I hope to replace museums with the zoo once the weather gets better! The zoo in DC is great and free!
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  • We are both 29. 

    This is

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  • I'm 25, H is 24.  it's our first, but we plan to have at LEAST 2, probably 4 and we hope/plan to adopt at least one child.

    before baby we'd basically just go out and walk around stores or the mall and go to eat... hang out with friends and do lame things like play board games and that sorta thing.  I don't think anything will change because we weren't too crazy in the first place, plus most of our friends also have young children so we all hang out together.

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  • I'm 28 & DH is 29, this is our first child and i definitely want one more in a few years. Prebaby fun is hanging out with friends, sports, movies, etc. Now movies is really we really do so far! Once Wyatt is older we want to do a lot more camping and traveling around the US. We really want to go to CA and see the redwoods. We also have our eyes on a snowmobile!
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  • How old is everyone, and your spouses? I'm 24 and H is 23

    What baby are you on? 2

    What did you do for fun before baby came? We haven't changed very much, we both like to be home and only have a select group of close friends. H like to be outdoors, motorcycles, fourwheelers, hunting, ect. I'm more of a homebody, reading, computer and such. It changed more with our first because some of the people we hung around I wouldn't want within 10 feet of my children. We also go camping in the summer, usually some place in NH- which we love.

    Do you expect to get back to doing those things? or has your life totally changed? Like I said, it hasn't really changed other then the fact that it's usually in the teens outside here now and I don't like to bring S out if I don't have to. I likes to go out and work on stuff with his daddy and go on the snowmobile and motorcycle but only for a bit. Last year my father got I a dirt bike and wants to enter him in the dirt track circuit for his age group, I'm not to sure but if we do end up letting I do that then we'll be doing a lot of traveling in state.

  • We are both 29, although DH will be 30 on February 7th and we're hoping for a Packer win in the Super Bowl for his birthday! This is our first baby, and before we really started trying we took a trip to Cancun for 5 days and stayed at an all inclusive resort.  It was awesome!  I would like to travel more especially with the little one, but I was laid off 2 weeks before I was due and finances will be tight for a while until I can find another job.
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  • I'm 28 and DH is 30. This is our first. We will probably have at least one more. Before baby we didn't do much, DH worked on his cars and we'd play games and such with friends. We also like to camp. Our activities probably won't change much...but camping might not happen much while LO is young.
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  • DH and I are both 24.  Ethan is baby  number 2.  Baby 1 was born in Sept of 2009.  Before the boys for fun we would go to dinner, go to movies, and we always had a lot of people over.  Neither of us have ever been partiers.  Maybe some done I hope to get back to those things but I don't see it anytime in the close future.  I am to nervous to try to take the kids in the theatre because I know they can't and won't sit quietly through an entire movie. We do take them out to dinner with us.

    When the weather gets a little nicer we plan on going to a couple zoo's and an amusement park.  We also plan on taking a vacation this summer but we don't know where yet.

  • How old is everyone, and your spouses?  I am 35 and H is 33

    What baby are you on? This is our first.  We tried to get pregnant for 3 years and were moving onto adoption.  Randomly, I got our surprise!!!

    What did you do for fun before baby came? We are both very social.  We would go out with friends, see movies, try new fun restaraunts, host parties, take our dogs to the park, sports, shopping....etc...

    Do you expect to get back to doing those things? Yes!  We want LO to be social because this will be our only child.  We want to get him out and about and comfortable with people!

    or has your life totally changed? Yes it has changed!  We expected this!  The NB stage is not fun....but eventually we plan to take LO everywhere with us (except date night)

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  • I am 27 and DH is 28. This is our first baby. We want to have at least 1 more of our own. I had considered adoption but never brought it up to DH, thinking he wouldn't be interested, but he actually brought it up to me the other night so I think we may try to adopt #3. We will see how things go. As of now, we would like #2 to come when DS is 2 1/2 - 3 years old. 

    Before baby, we were pretty much homebodies anyway. We'd like to go to the movies and out to dinner and I do miss that spontaneity but eventually we'll be able to do it again. We like to go for walks and to the park, which we can easily do with LO when it warms up. To be honest, we're both looking forward to doing all the kid stuff - going to the playground (DH loves the swings, haha) and playing games, etc, with the kids.

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  • I am 25 (26 in April). DH just turned 27 last week. This is baby number one for us. We want another one in 2-3 years. My goal is to get her potty trained before we have another one. We would spend time with friends going out to eat or having get togethers at someone's house, or having game nights (we get competitive for board games). We actually still do those things we had friends come over about 3 weeks ago and we BBQed, watched a football game, and played Battle of the Sexes. We went out to eat with friends several times since she's been born. DH and I would also go out to eat. or go to movies, or just randomly go on small weekend trips. We haven't done those things yet, but we will soon. We would love to take her to some of our short weekend trips, but that will happen when she is a bit older.

    Maddie is having fun with her great-grandparents.

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  • I'm 22, H is 27. We both work on cars for fun and travel around the country quite a bit for car shows and other industry and trade shows. We both tend to be people who work for fun, but with something we enjoy doing :) We also like to travel. When we are home we are pretty much homebodies and we like to watch movies and spend time with our pups. It hasn't changed since Lo's arrival.... Just an extra space we need to make on the couch now :-P When we travel around this summer Law will be going with us. Oh, this is baby #1 and will be our own biological child. We hope to start the adoption process when he's 3.
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  • I'm 31, DH is 35. This is #1, we plan to have two, but want 3-4 yrs between them. We aren't partiers, so we dont have anything like that to get back to. We do enjoy UK football and basketball games, Louisville Bats baseball and NASCAR. I'm sure we'll make it to at least a couple baseball games this summer. And we already have our tickets for the first KY NASCAR sprint cup race in July--and already have my mom lined up as babysitter. So, yes, I believe we'll get back to those things. DH also like to play softball. His team never got organized last summer, so he didn't play much, just when other teams called and asked him to fill in. They're already talking about getting the team together for this summer, so we're hoping that will happen and he'll get to play--it beats sitting in the house all summer. LO and I will stay home during practices, but go to the games unless there's a possible storm brewing or insufferable heat.
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  • image laura101:

    How old is everyone, and your spouses? I'm 23 (24 in August) and MH is 25 (will be 26 Feb 6) 

    What baby are you on? 1

    What did you do for fun before baby came? We never really partied or drank much before Connor got here but we would go to the casino every once in a while or have a few drinks with the family. We are the last of our group of friends to have a kid ...

    Do you expect to get back to doing those things? or has your life totally changed? Things have not totally changed. We've gone out to eat and hung out with friends without the baby several times. He is my mom's first grandbaby so she's all for watching Connor for us. My SIL is totally in love with him, so her and my brother babysit a lot to just so we can get some sleep or have a night to ourselves. We don't plan on letting the baby stopping us from doing what we did before, not that we partied a lot but just because you have a child doesn't mean you can't have a life.

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    How old is everyone, and your spouses? I am 28, H is 31

    What baby are you on? This is my 2nd, his 1st

    What did you do for fun before baby came? We stayed in a lot - though we did go to dinner or out with friends once a month or so.

    Do you expect to get back to doing those things? Yes, hopefully after a few months or has your life totally changed? Yes, life has totally changed...but H has also become much busier at work - so he's not around a lot right now.

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  • I'm 35, H is 36.  This is our first and we're still not sure whether or not we'll have a second.  

    We LOVE to travel and did it quite a bit over the last 5 years we've been together, Mexico, Europe, out west to ski, up north in Michigan.  We also love to hang out with friends.  Whether that be at a lake house or in Vegas.  We like to camp, hike, go to football games and go to the park with our dog.  We definitely like to have fun and that is definitely going to change now that LO is here.  I know we will start to travel again eventually but we're going to take it slow to get used to traveling with LO.  Maybe a road trip up north to start and then maybe a short flight?  We'll see!  The nice thing is almost all of our friends now have kids so all of our lives have slowed down a bit.  The change doesn't feel like such a shock having seen our other very active friends go through it before we did.   

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