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GD numbers all over the place

I'm only 15 weeks pregnant and have not done the glucose test yet, but I did have GD with my first two. 

I've been doing blood tests periodically and getting ok numbers - on the high end of normal. But the last two days I've been testing regularly and I'm getting numbers all over the place.  For example an hour after lunch I got a 205, it totally freaked me out so 2 minutes later I did it again and got a 117.  Then today after lunch (McDonalds Embarrassed) I got a 201!   Then after dinner which I had beef, mashed potatoes and a chocolate mouse dessert - because I wanted to test the numbers - I got an 84! 

Does that seem wierd.  I'm assuming I either have or am on the road to being diabetic or could I have GD this early?  Anyone else have high and low numbers even when eating carbs?

Re: GD numbers all over the place

  • Different things affect my numbers different. Like white bread will shoot it up where whole wheat will be fine. Keep a journal of what you are eating and numbers and maybe see if there are any correlations. And keep checking your numbers .I passed my 3hr gtt but my fasting numbers/ breakfast numbers by my own testing where high, and I'm back on insulin. I would also bring it up with your dr. GL>
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  • Have you used the control drops to make sure your monitor is accurate??  Sounds REALLY weird that you went from 205 to 117 in a few minutes.  I was diagnosed at 17 weeks, so it's definitely possible that you may already have it.  Good luck!
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  • As PP said check your monitor. Also make sure your hands are really clean when testing. That can affect it too. My mom has tested 260 than washed her hands & it's 121. Yes it can be that off w/ dirty hands. 

    Also if you do suspect that you have it already ask for the test or even a fasting blood test. It's important to get your #'s in control ASAP.  

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  • Oh my gosh, my numbers are kinda crazy like that, too.  I'll check my sugar at an hour and it'll be 160 and seriously five minutes later it'll be 135 and back up to 150-ish ten minutes after that.  It usually levels out before an hour and a half is up.  A burger doesn't bother my blood sugar at all since the protein in the beef stabilizes the carbs from the bread.  BUT I realized at one point that even though I'm timing my tests for an hour after I stop eating, I keep drinking whatever drink I have during that hour, which obviously affects my sugar levels, too. 

     Having numbers in the 200s is definitely a sign that you have GD.  Most people who have it during previous pregnancies get tested for it really early in their following ones.  Most people I've read about get tested as early as 10 weeks or so.  Make sure you talk to your doc about it and about what you eat when your numbers are out of whack. 

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  • I think you should talk to your doctor about getting tested now  If it's too early to do the glucose test, you could request the A1 hemoglobin which takes numbers from the past three months.  I have two friends that had it with their first pregnancy but not with their second.  I did not have it with my first, but now have it with my second.  Good luck - hope you don't have it the third time!
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