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I just moved in the area and I'm looking for a doctor. Does anyone has any GREAT recommendations?? In Little rock or Conway Ar??


  • Dr. William Greenfield with UAMS recently delivered our LO in December.  I switched to him during my 12th week of pregnancy.  I really liked him...he's a no nonsense kind of guy.  He gets straight to the point and doesn't waste a lot of time.  But will also listen and answer as many questions as you have during your visits.

    But one thing to know, I am not overly picky about the Dr.s I see.  As long as they apprear to know their jobs and have a good bed side manner, I am happy.  I also used Dr.David Shenker from the Woman's Clinc for my regular GYN and 1st OB appointment.  I only switched after finding out I would receive a discount if I delivered at UAMS and with a LO on the way...every little bit helps.


  • Dr.Hitt at the University Women's Clinic - located in the freeway medical tower, is amazing! We really love him! He is so good at working with you and answering questions, and he delivers at UAMS, the number to their office is 501-296-1800 they also have one of the leading high risk ob's in case anything happens they can switch you to him My mom has a 4 year old also and is 51 she had him, and he was great too, since I'm not high risk I get to see Dr. Hitt and I love him! So easy going and understanding


  • In the Conway area, Conway Women's Health Center is the place to go!  I have been going there for about 7 years and have never had a bad experience.  All the doctors in the practice are top notch & are considered some of the best surgeons.  I had to have a c-section with my son last year and they did an amazing job.  In fact, their practice is the reason my son is here today,it was because they elect to do ultrasounds at almost every visit at no extra cost to you, they are just really thorough.  LOVE THEM ALL!!!
  • I'm using Dr Dora Mah. She is sweet, friendly, very caring, great to deal with and will answer any and all questions. Absolutely love her!! I see her at Freeway Medical Tower but she delivers at UAMS
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