3rd Trimester

pain when walking

Over the past week or so, every time I get up I have a fairly sharp going across my pelvic bone.  I sit at work all day, so not sure if it's just from sitting too much, but even at home it does it. What could this be?  I also am just feeling more pressure in that area in general - maybe this means the baby dropped or is dropping?  Someone told me it be round ligament pain, but I think it lasts too long for htat.  It's pretty much any time I walk.

Re: pain when walking

  • I get that way sometimes as well and the pressure has been horrible the last couple weeks. 
  • I've had the same thing since about 20 weeks.  It's especially worse when I go from sitting or laying to standing and walking, sometimes DH has to help me get up because it hurts so d*mn bad!  My OB said it is RLP and that I just have to deal with it, and take Tylenol if it gets too annoying.
  • I've been getting that pain for a couple weeks now.  I actually ended up in L&D last week because I woke up in the middle of the night with pain/pressure down there and it didn't go away all day.  It was very uncomforable to walk or even stand.  They checked me out in L&D and I wasn't contracting or dialating.  They really didn't have an explanation for the pain either, except maybe the baby had a growth spurt and my body was just adjusting.  Who knows.  I just feel like my body is so out of whack.  I don't even want to think about what I'll feel like in say 5 or 6 weeks ...

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  • I have this pain... it has come and gone for a couple weeks, but is now getting worse.  Nothing can be done, it's just our pelvis getting lax in preparation for childbirth.
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