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TTC and Prozac? Anyone have any experience with this?

I had an appointment yesterday with my doctor to discuss some mild depression and anxiety I have been going through in the past few months.

She prescribed a low dose of Prozac and said it is the "best option for women in their childbearing years."

She knows we are TTC and doesn't seem to have any concern. 

My question is: If you have been or are on Prozac how has it affected your cycles? Any other input would be great!


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Re: TTC and Prozac? Anyone have any experience with this?

  • It didn't do anything at all to my cycles. Good luck! 
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  • I have been on Prozac for a couple years now because of anxiety and panic attack issues.  It hasn't affected my cycles at all.  My doctor also said it is the best SSRI to take if TTC because it has been studied the most in regards to pregnancy.
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  • I've been on prozac for years with no affect to my cycle. 
  • I was on Prozac for a couple of years.  It did not affect my cycles.  It is considered the safest medication to take while TTC/pregnant.  I ended up needing something stronger, so I had to get off my meds all together while TTC.  Prozac just doesn't do it for me anymore :(
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  • Prozac is supposed to be the safest for TTC/pregnancy and zoloft is supposed to be the best for breast feeding.

    I'm on cymbalta for very, very bad debilitating headaches.  My doctors have told me that the risks of not taking it outweigh the risk of taking it while TTC and pregnancy.  I'm fairly concerned - but nothing else has worked...and I can not function as a mother, wife or employee without taking something for the pain.

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