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Baby heart rate 110s? and a question.

Ok today while at the doctor she noticed that the baby's heart rate was between 110 and 130 so they kept me and ran an NST well the baseline is 110 and it was spiking to 130 ocassionally, which she was fine with (she didnt want the base line 130 and it dipping). She also mentioned that I was having contractions every 4 minutes, they are little contractions and feel like cramps. Anyone expeirence these kind of contractions in a constant timable pattern? Did they turn into something more? I am determined to keep this baby cooking. Also anyone have a baby with this low of a heart rate?

On the good side they rechecked my fluid levels since they were low at the hospital sunday. They were perfect today so their best guess is that the tech at the hospital did the low numbers in error.


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Re: Baby heart rate 110s? and a question.

  • 110 is pretty low. If it gets any lower they could induce you or send you in for an emergency c/s.

    The 2nd time I went to L&D they had the monitor on me wrong and it was barely catching the HB as well as it should have. How do I know? Because it took the idiot student 10 minutes to find the baby's HB, and I was telling them where she was and they weren't listening to me. >:( When they did find it, it was 'weak'. Though when I went in again a few days later, it was perfect. :/ Just keep your hopes up, if the monitor wasn't on well enough it could have been not detecting the HB as well as it should have like it did with me!

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  • My baby's was 120 yesterday so we did an NST, but as soon as he was on the monitor it was back in the high 140's, per normal. 

    110 seems really low to me. I also am having consistent contractions and my doctor was concerned about them... but didn't offer any sort of advice or plan. She was in a bad mood yesterday which apparently meant none of my questions were answered and none of her concerns were explained. I left feeling very angry.


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  • I was in the hospital for a week before I had M.  While there I had to be hooked up to the monitor every few hours.  His resting heart rate was around 120, but would go anywhere from 90 to 150 at any given time.  It freaked me out, but no one else seemed to have an issue with it.  Same as when he was born, he was in the NICU hooked up to a monitor and he kept setting off the alarm because his resting heart rate was at the limit they put on it.
  • IDK about the heart rate but I experienced the same with your contractions. I went in Monday to check my fluid level and while I was in there I was contracting every 8mins or so... maybe a little less, for 2 hours. The monitor showed my contraction level went up to 50 (idk if thats high or not). They measured me and I was 2cm dilated. I was almost in labor!!! But, they sent me home and I've been fine ever since. I have pains and lots of contractions in my sleep! But, I guess it's normal to contract like that and then everything go back to normal! Braxton Hicks baby!
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  • Our little girl's hb was in the low to mid 120s since 14weeks.  At about 25 she started moving into the teens and her current baseline is around 105 to 110.  My OBs office doesn't love it, but the perinates have confirmed twice that everything looks great and that her heart is "efficient".  Of course, making sure the doctor is aware and taking precautions is important, but in order to have an average range for fetal heartrate, it means that some babies will fall above and below that and be fine.
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