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breaking point

This is sort of repetitive from a post I wrote yesterday, but Im in a moment of frustration. For the last week or two, my DS has impossible with eating -- won't take anything except saltines, cheerios, and puffs -- if that... Even babyfood, which he's familiar with, makes him angry. And any attempt to introduce something new that maybe he'll like, has been a complete fail: grilled cheese, regular cheese, canned peaches, pears or pineapple... god, the list goes on and on. He has tasted waffles and pancakes - but would eat a bite or two.. seem to like it fine.. but then refused it. I'll wait two hours after his bottle so he'll be hour after his bottle thinking maybe he's TOO hungry... doesnt matter. Daycare seems to get him to have babyfood fine (they write down what he has on a sheet and Im amazed) but he pretty much has no meals whatsoever when he's home.
He's been battling ear infections for over a month now (which I wrote a separate post on yeserday) and apparently there are two bumps on teh bottom from more pushing thru) DH thinks it's one or the other -- but I think he's just not interested. And it inevitably results in me being frustrated and having DH take him out the high chair so I can go decompress. Actually made me cry in frustration this afternoon (Im home b/c daycare is closed).
And while much appreciated- all I've heard from people is which foods their kids love to eat... that's not the issue- he won't even try anything. Is anyone else dealing with this?

Re: breaking point

  • Yikes- that sucks!  Have you tried to feed him anywhere else besides the high chair?  What if you held him and Dh fed him?  or put him in the bumbo???
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  • What if you just put food on the tray and leave it there for him to eat? If he doesn't eat it, fine. Just keep offering it each time it's meal time and eventually he will eat it. Offer whatevers on the menu that day and that's it instead of trying to find something he'll eat. It may take days or weeks, but I bet he'll eat eventually.
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  • DD is kind of doing this. She will devour her chruchies but is not a fan of much else. Then at the baby-sitters she will eat a ton. I just remind myself that 1) babies go through phazes and 2) most of her nutrience comes from her milk anyway.

     My brother and neighbor's children did the same thing at this age, pretty much refused to eat. But they are great eaters now so this is in no way a look into the future

    They are just coming into a new world now. Where they can kind of have a say, tell what things taste and feel like. Plus with possible teething and an ear infection, interest in eating in general will go way down. 

     So I guess I do not have a ton of advice other then, give him what he will eat and keep trying new things. Once he feels better and as he gets older he will come around to it and eat more things. Good luck and hope he feels better!

  • You mentioned that he will eat at Daycare do you think that is because he is eating with other people?  Have you tried feeding him at the same time you and DH eat?  My DD loves eating with us.

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