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DO NOT Join BabytoBee!!!

Just wanted to warn you all about BabytoBee (  It sucks big time!!!  I signed up online the first week we got home from the hospital, thinking that was all I would have to do to get free stuff and coupons.   When my daughter was only a week old, one of their people kept calling my house every few hours and wouldn't leave a message.  Don't they realize that when you have a one week old (you have to give your child's age), the last thing you want to do is talk on the phone and that you try to nap when the baby naps!  Finally I answered the phone and was probably on for a half hour.  Wanted to be super rude but I held back hoping for freebies.  They wanted me to sign up for a bunch of stuff that doesn't even have anything to do with babies and that you have to pay for after a trial period (airline info, yeah, like I want to fly with a one week old).  Its been 7 weeks now and I still have yet to actually get anything except a bunch of junk email in my inbox.  I was promised a free baby magazine but I highly doubt that will happen.


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Re: DO NOT Join BabytoBee!!!

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