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Pretty bad lower belly pain...Anyone else?

So for the last couple of days I've had some pretty bad pains in my lower belly. Almost like stabbing pain or like RLP all over again, but it's not off to the side. Sometimes it just feels like menstrual cramps. It's also not LO moving, I'm very aware of when she moves and she isn't what's causing the pain. I've also had some pain in my cervix/vajayjay too. I'm feeling a little more loose down there than normal, like LO could just fall out. To my knowlege I have not lost my mucus plug or anything unusual, I just am not sure what this pain is. Is anyone else feeling anything like this? Thoughts?

FWIW it's more constant than like contrax. It's not something that comes and goes, sometimes it's more intense than other times, but it's fairly constant.

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Re: Pretty bad lower belly pain...Anyone else?

  • I've been having some pain down there off and on for the last couple of days.  The pain in my cervix feels like it's being pinched with tweezers.  I know I've had some BH the last couple of days.  Maybe it's just the baby is moving down lower and putting pressure down there.  My hips have been hurting a lot more lately, and my bladder, oh if it gets a little full, I'm in pain!
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  • I've been having the same thing! Definitely like RLP except it's not exclusive to just one side. I have to be careful about standing up too fast again.
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  • So strange that you posted this because last night I just started having more menstrually pain and now I feel like I am beginning to have abowling ball bewteen my legs.  I assume it's LO readjusting and my body getting ready..but who knows.

    Anyhow...I'd lve to hear what others say too.  GL with your pains too!

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  • I would say it's more in my bones ache and there is a lot of pressure on my lady parts! OUCH! I can't even sleep...

    How come nobody tells you the last month hurts so much? 


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