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Questions to Ask my new OBGYN

So I'm getting ready to see an OBGYN for the first time ( i just go to my primary physician usually), and it would be so helpful to know what questions to ask her, to know if she will be right for me and our baby process. So far the questions I have listed are:

exercise & diet? will she actually be the one to birth my baby or will it be a stranger? if a problem arises do they try natural methods before they go straight to c-section? what are ways I can prevent embarrassing moments? will I get to feed my baby first? what toxins should I look out for that I wouldn't think of? how much weight is a healthy weight to gain? how much will it cost? do they have connections to classes or counseling?

Does anyone have any others that I should think of?

Thanks- Sam

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Re: Questions to Ask my new OBGYN

  • How long shoule we TTC before seeking help.
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  • After the +HPT when do you need to see the dr?  My dr sees me around 6 weeks.


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  • I think you are getting ahead of yourself. Get pregnant first, then you can ask these questions. I bet you will forget by the time you get pregnant.


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  • I think you are on the right path by making sure you feel comfortable with the Dr. you don?t want to be KU and looking for a DR. One thing I recommend is pick a Dr that delivers in the hosp. that you want to deliver in. In my area a lot of doctors only deliver at one hospital. I just met my new OBGYN Monday. She was really nice. As far as birthing and embarrassing moments those questions could probably wait till you get KU and the cost will most likely come from your insurance company not the doctor.

    My doctor said normally ttc for a year before testing unless you have had problems in the past. And she said any vitamins with folic acid unless you have a family history of birth defects.

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