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ear infections- month straight

So, my little guy has had an ear infection in both ears since before christmas; he's on his third round of antibiotics (well, sorta fourth. it was clear after 2 days on the first one that it was not helping, so he got switched to another oral... helped a little, but still infected after we finished, so then on to an antibiotic in the form of ear drops... still infected, so now on a round of another oral antibiotic). The good news is he has no fever and seems to have very little pain; at most, he grabs his ears sometimes. But they just won't clear up!! he has a checkup tomorrow, and i suspect if this round isn't doing the trick that we'll be sent to a specialist, who will evaluate tubes.

Anyone else go thru this??? I just want him to kick them already! 

Re: ear infections- month straight

  • yes dd had her first when whe was a month old and we are on our fourth ear infection the second one in 3 weeks. our pedi thinks it is due to her severe reflux. i hope your lo feels better soon 
  • DS has an appointment at 3:30 to have his checked again. He finished his 2nd round of antibiotics on Monday and is still pulling on his ears, being stubborn with his bottles, ect. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm jusr reading too far in to things and that it's finally gone. I know he will need tube eventaully, DH and I both had them, but my heart brakes to see him cranky all the time. I miss his belly laughs.

  • We just got back from the ENT with a scheduled apt for tubes. (10 infections in 5 months!) I would recommend trying an infant chiropractor before you go that route though. We went and kept them away for 3 months, but she just has some major ear issues. If we had done that sooner with J I think we would not have had to get tubes. I also know several people  who were able to get rid of the infections with a chiropractor as well. And J was the same, no fever, no tugging, just a little fussy and would not eat a lot.


    Good luck, hope he feels better!

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