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Advice on hospital in Little Rock

Just found this thread for AR. This is not my first pregnancy but my first in the Arkansas. I was wondering if anyone has any tips/suggestion on where to deliver. My doctor has privileges at Baptist and St. Vincent's. Pl tell me your experiences and such.

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Re: Advice on hospital in Little Rock

  • I was told that Baptist is better than St. Vincent's, but I don't remember why exactly.  I delivered my baby at Baptist - Springhill, which is in North Little Rock.  No issues there, except my mom (who is an RN in KC) said that they are a little old-fashioned in the way they do some things here, compared to KC.  She was also surprised at how little security they have for the nursery.
  • I recently delivered my LO at UAMS with Dr. Greenfield.  I know some people are not crazy about the idea of going to a teaching hospital, but that didn't really concern us (it also helped that as an employee of UAMS I got a discount, so I had changed from a Dr with privileges only at Baptist & St. Vincent to Dr. Greenfield).

    We had nothing but praise for the Drs., staff, services and care that we recieved during our stay.  One thing to know about UAMS, they do NOT have a well baby nursery, so as long as your LO does not need to be in the NICU they will be in the room with you during your stay.  Although I did have one of the sweetest nurses, who noticed I hadn't slept in days and she took our LO out to the nurses station with her for a couple of hours around 2am one night so that I could get a little sleep!  :)

  • Our Dr. delivers at UAMS and St. Vincent, and he said that St. vincent has undergone a ton of updates lately, and is great and more Homey - a little more bedroom style not so much hospital feeling, but he prefers UAMS if there are any complications he would rather be there than anywhere else. But it was up to us and st. vincent is comfy - we're going for safety rather than comfort and delivering at UAMS
  • I go to my visits with my Dr at the Freeway Medical Tower but will be delivering at UAMS. I've heard wonderful things about their labor & delivery. Plus family works there (but not in the labor & delivery).
  • I delivered my first at Baptist and plan on delivering my current pregnancy there also.  The actual delivery room is huge and everything happens right there.  It had a recliner, sofa, and was very comfortable.  I've also heard lots of good things about the nurses there.  The one I had was new, but was very sweet and did a good job.  The postpartum rooms are very small, though.  That was my only complaint.
  • I delivered at Baptist and they were excellent to me! The delivery room was huge, it had a bathtub in the bathroom, my family was able to come in and out during labor, they fed me right after I gave birth, the nurses were amazing. I definitely reccomend it!
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