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Cant Sleep!

Please help! I cant sleep! I want to, but i just cant fall asleep! Any suggestions? Thank you!

Re: Cant Sleep!

  • I'm having similar problem. I fall asleep fine, but I wake up a LOT and it takes a while for me to fall back to sleep. I've done some reading recently about this and here's what I've learned (though, I've just started a few this week).

    1. Excercise - this will not only help wear you out so you're tired, but will help regulate hormones, etc.

    2. Drink warm milk. I haven't tried this one yet because it sounds gross to me, but warming milk releases tryptophan (spelling?). This is the same thing in turkey that makes you tired after a big Thanksgiving meal. Also, don't drink caffienne after early afternoon if you're drinking any at all.

    3. If you're like me, then one of the reasons you're not sleeping is because you've got a million thoughts running through your head. A few years ago when I had this problem (no pregnancy then though) I would write down two worries, three "to-dos" for tomorrow and three "happy thoughts". I'd say a prayer about those worries and let God handle them for the evening. I'd stop obsessing over the "to-dos" that weren't getting done because I could just look at the book in the morning and make those top priority first thing. Then, as I tried to go to sleep I'd focus on the happy thoughts. Maybe cheesy to some, but it REALLY helped me then and I was also able to find patterns to things that worried me and start doing something about them. I should probably start this again!!

    4. When all else fails, my doctor told me that Tylenol PM is safe to take. I've resorted to that a couple of times now...

    If you hear of any better ways to make sleep come easier and more regularly, please pass it along!!

  • I fall asleep EVERYWHERE! But when I'm home at night and it's time for bed it takes me close to an hour to fall asleep. Then I wake up- thank you very much "morning" sickness. And I'm all around uncomfortable. Some nights I put on the TV and set the sleep timer because when it's too quiet I think too much. My guilty pleasure is cartoons, especially on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network for those of you who ARE adults lol) and usually half way into a show I'm out. Maybe that will work?
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