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What coupon groups/giveaways to join

Hi all,

I am now in my second trimester and have been receiving a plethora emails for diaper coupons and groups asking you to join their membership for chances for free giveaways.  I would love to start collecting diaper coupons and free stuff is always nice, but I feel like if I sign up for all of them I will get bogged down with constant emails. 

 So I was wondering if any of you have suggestions for which to join or specific websites to go to for coupons for diapers and other various baby stuff I should start stocking up on.


Re: What coupon groups/giveaways to join

  • Don't stock up. You don't know what will work best for your child. Most parents end up with preferred brands of diapers, formula if they use it, etc.

    You're jumping the gun. There are ALWAYS deals, samples, coupons, and freebies for new parents.

    My other suggestion: get an email address you use specifically for coupons/offers/etc. to keep it out of your main box.

  • Thanks for the tips!  The brand issue was one of my concerns.  I'm not sure which diapers are 'the best' or will work the best for us, but I know some other women who are expecting that have stocked up and I feel like maybe I am behind.  I guess I will just relax.  I'm sure we'll get some from the shower as well.

     That's a great idea to make a separate email, I'll definitely do that.

  • We've begun to buy diapers but only a 1 pack of newborn (Pampers because I loved them with our daughter) and a big box of size 1-2 (Huggies, another brand we had luck with) and a small pack of size 2 from Toys R Us. I wouldn't get crazy amounts because they grow out of nowhere BUT if you do end up with half a pack of a certain size you can donate them or put them on ebay. I signed up for Pampers and Huggies to not only get the awesome coupons (better ones if you call customer service) but to start earning points. We had a problem with a pack of Huggies once and when I called customer service they couldn't do enough to make the problem right. But even when you call to say good things they send you great coupons. Start stocking up on coupons though. 
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  • I have started stocking up, because I have been able to find amazing deals that imo may not be around much longer. Amazon Mom + Subscribe and save + Parents, Fit Preg, American baby magazine coupons has allowed me to buy 1050 diapers(various brands and sizes) for $75 total. My favorite website right now to view deals is babycheapstake.com.  I did buy newborns before actually researching and finding out that I may not need that many. So now I give them away at baby showers with gifts.

    This is my makeshift goal list for diapers(I found a variation of it from another message board)

    eta: forgot my most recent purchase, so I updated my numbers

    Goal Have Need
    N - 36-38 diapers 96 Done!
    1's - 400-500 432 -18
    2's - 540-630 522
    3's - 1085-1260 (still researching this size)

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