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My arm looks like a club sandwich..Yum..

So, just had my breakfast, which was a big chicken biscuit, drank a root beer, and my stomach has no recollection of any food arriving...I'm starving again!!  Yesterday, everything looked good in the fridge, so for lunch I proceded to eat all the leftovers...Which consisted of leftover Olive Garden, a bunch of egg rolls, and catfish and hushpuppies...LOL..I don't know why I'm not sick!!!  Anyone else wanting to eat your arm??
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Re: My arm looks like a club sandwich..Yum..

  • No, but my husband's arm has looked pretty tasty more than once.  Slap a little mustard on that baby and mmmm...Wink

    I must admit though - I am jealous you could keep it all down.

  • I am hungry all the time.  I seriously think that I could never stop eating and still have room!  I am trying to drink more water today to see if that is part of the problem.
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  • I'm dealing with hypermesis gravedarum (However it's spelled) AKA ungodly morning (noon, evening, and middle of the night) sickness and can't keep anything down but the past few days I have no self control. I eat everything I get my hands on and then pay the price. Of course even if I eat a single cracker I'll be running for the bathroom so it doesn't matter how much I eat. I called my husband to bring me a teriyaki chicken burrito even though it's snowing. I'm at work and STARVING to death. I walked to subway and got a foot long (yes that's right) meatball sub. Now I'm sitting here thinking what's wrong with me??? That was a terrible idea!! But I was sooooo unbelievably hungry.

    I was about ready to eat the next patient if I didn't get lunch though =)

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