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Co worker really hurt my feelings...re: clothes

I know there are many posts about comments people get, but  this one just hit me wrong. Its gross, rainy and cold here today and I wore an old bright blue, ridiculous looking, water-proof pull-over that will fit over my stomach.  A co-worker intentionally stopped me to tell me that she "liked my outfit much better than the one I wore yesterday. The coat only buttoned at the top with my stomach hanging out just didn't look good." I thought she was kidding and made some remark that the expensive work coat I wore was too much to pay for again in a maternity style - and then she said "well, you can try thrift stores!" Then I realized she wasn't kidding!! AHHH- just needed to get that out - If I had a major physical disability or a bad haircut or had a visible mark in some way, it would be TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE to comment on it. Would you tell a co-worker you didn't like their outfit?? NO - BECAUSE ITS RUDE!!! Thing is, she is really nice (which is the exception where I work, so I am trying to see it as something she didn't mean to come out that way, but HOLY COW- what a thing to say!! 

Re: Co worker really hurt my feelings...re: clothes

  • People are asssholes.  Seriously.
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  • I would have smacked her across the face and told her sorry, I didn't like the way her nose looked right there I thought I'd fix it...WOW! Sorry she said that to you.
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  • What a biiatch! She should have kept her stupid mouth shut. Don't people realize that they are messing with an emotional time-bomb?! Lol. My Dr. literally spent the duration of my entire appointment grilling me on what exactly I eat for every meal, accused me of 'pigging out on pizza and candy all day' and told me that she doesn't want to have to do a c-section because the baby is too big! I was 25 weeks at that time and had gone from 119-135 my entire pregnancy. I left the office in tears and cried for 2 hours after to my husband because she was SO mean to me. I'm 31 weeks now and gained 5 lbs since then. I was horrified that a doctor of all people, a WOMAN doctor, would be so tactless and rude. A friend of mine who is due at the same time as me, went to the Dr and the nurse asked if she was having multiples because of her weight gain! What is with these people?! Anyone else have this happen to them?
  • Wow, I would have asked her if thrift stores is where she buys all her clothes.
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  • That is completely ridiculous.  If it makes you feel any better I still wear my wool coat that I can currently only button at the top.  It never occured to me that someone would actually have an opinion about it.  I'm sure as hell not spending $200 on another coat that I can wear for the next 6 weeks.  Just another incident of someone thinking they should have an opinion when they don't 
  • Tell her to buy one for you!
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