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ezema solution!!

My 15 week old has extremely bad ezema. I have tried aveno products but doesnt really do much..I began using the Natural Garden products as well..and it seems to be working at times but then all of a sudden it returns..If also used hydrocortisone helps but it comes back right away.any suggestions!! Pleasehelp...its spreading al over her body.

Re: ezema solution!!

  • I've had eczema my entire life and in the winter its always really bad.  I use hydrocortisone constantly otherwise it comes right back too.  Sorry that's not much help, but there might not really be anything you can do to keep it away other than continually applying treatments.
  • i have also had it my whole life...there's not much you can do about it.  i hate to be the bearer of bad news. :/  BUT there is a good lotion called "Moisturel" that you can buy at walgreens/walmart/etc that is good and fragrance free and all that.  i had to use Cetaphil cleanser as soap too.  as she gets older you can use stronger steroid creams, but i don't know about now.  i feel for her, it's rough but probably harder on you!  she'll be okay, i lived through it! 
  • agree with both pp... ive had it my whole life too and it has gotten better as i have grown. unfortunatly there is not anything to "cure" it. i used cetafil and oatmeal baths growing up... they offered refief. also the creams others mentioned work. be diligent about applying them. when it gets warmer it will get better... winter is the worst.

     Also... some babies do outgrow eczema! hope yours will... if not you can see a pediatric dermatologist.

  • thanks guys...I heard some kids outgrow it so im keepin my fingers crossed.  I guess Ill just continue applying constantly and wish for the summer to hurry up and get here! thanks
  • Try California Baby Calendula cream. That may help. My son had eczema until he was 3. The best advise I can give is to limit baths. Only bathe a few times a week, very quickly, and lotion while still damp. We ended up having to wrap my son's ankles because he scratched so bad. Our ped also put him on Zyrtec, which seemed to help a little with the itching. Deffinately talk to your Dr about it and get a perscription cream. This is the only thing that cleared my son when he had a bad breakout.

    Also, a couple of tips for warmer weather.

    Don't let your LO in the pool if you can help it. Also, don't let them get overheated. My son had a very hard time when he would start to sweat. He would start scratching immediately.

    I hope these things help, and you can get it under control. It's hard knowing there really isn't anything that can "fix" it. You just have to learn to manage it. Good Luck!

  • Is she allergic to milk? Several of the kids I've taken care of had eczema until they went off of dairy. I've heard that some people use CJ's BUTTer. I like Eucerin calming itch relief.
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  • Oddly enough, I read an article about home remedies that work at the doc's office yesterday. This sounds really weird, but one doc recommended using Crisco for eczema. Not sure if it would really work since I have zero experience with it.
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  • My DD is 4 and we have battled eczema for the last 4 years. I finally took her to a pedi dermatologist who gave us Protopic for her face (where she gets it the worst) and Lactoid for her body which has steroid in it. They also suggested Aquaphor which I have found works well if you are diligent applying twice a day. Cetaphil lotion is also great. thay have recently come out with a product especially for atopic skin (eczema). My best suggestion is use lotion/aquaphor CONSISTENTLY twice/three times a day during a flare up and you can usually control it without meds. Putting the lotion on within 3 minutes of getting out of the bath and limiting baths to every other day and no more than 10 minutes in the water is also imperative.

    I once had a pediatrician recommend using a VERY small amount of bleach in their bathwater although I never felt comfortable trying that. My sister's children have it SEVERELY and she actually thinks pool water helps clear it maybe the bleach thing is true?

  • Vanicream works really well, have you tried that?  Otherwise another thing you can try is special clothing, specifically Halo Technical Comfort (  It is made of a special fabric, similar to UnderArmour, that wicks away moisture and reduces itching and irritation.  My LO sleeps in it every night!   
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