Trying to Get Pregnant

Does your family know...

...that you are TTC? DH and I have decided not to tell anyone until we get pregnant, but then we realized that it could take a while. What are your thoughts on keeping it secret? 
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Re: Does your family know...

  • Nope.  I have 3 friends who know and that is it.  It'll stay that way until we get a BFP.  I don't need more comments/thoughts/stories/opinions then I already get

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  • No... I don't need any more input that I already get :)
  • They do now, I told close family before I went into surgery for my ectopic just in case anything happened.  We waited to tell MIL after surgery was all said and done because she worries too much.
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  • One of my sisters knows and dh's sister knows. Those are the onlt family members who know but we do have a few friends who know. We don't plan on telling anyone until at least the end of 1st tri, maybe even later.
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  • Nope.. I have one friend that knows and that is it.. and will be it until we are at least 3 months pregnant. 

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  • Nope, and they didnt know when we were trying for our dirst two either. Its our business and I dont like the "Are you preg yet?" questions all the tme
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  • I'm a blabber mouth. Tons of people know.
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  • They know now because we had a m/c in December and the only way to let them know that we were okay was to tell them that we planned on trying again as soon as the doctor would let us.  I don't send them my FF chart link or anything, though :)


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  • No one in our families know.

    My best friend knows and we confide in each other as both of us have been trying for a year, she's been trying for 1.5 yrs.

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  • Oh, yes.  Everyone knows.  I'm not sure how I'll manage not to tell everyone when we do get a BFP.  We talked about it tonight and DH wants to be much more tight-lipped than me.  
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  • hmmmm honestly, my initial thoughts were to not tell anyone because I didnt want the fifty million questions everytime we got together with family.  We didnt tell anyone when we got pregnant back in October but we ended up having a miscarriage and I needed the support from my family.  My husband also wanted to talk to his family because he was upset.  SOooo we ended up telling our family anyway.  They now know we are trying.  They really dont ask to much because I think they dont want to upset us and make us feel pressured after everything that happened.  We dont talk about it at all, but they know. 

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  • Nope! Only 1 or 2 close friends. Too much added pressure especially if we decide to stop and be happy with DD as an only child (we're not getting any younger :( )
  • They knew we were trying before our MC but they don't know we are trying again. Everytime I would call my Mom she thought I was calling to announce that I was PG, which got old, fast.
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  • A couple friends know, but I didn't tell my mom until this cycle (22) since I started going to an RE.  I felt like it was too much to keep in at this point since my mom and I are very close.

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  • i told my mom and sister in law that i stopped BCP.  then i told them i would update them if i felt like it, and not to ask.  but, errr, such is my nature to be a little brusque. 



  • My parents and sister know but we are keeping it a secret from DH's family and our friends. I get enough pressure about TTC so I don't want to have to have the "hows it going with the TTC" convo with everyone. Its just awkward and none of their business IMO.
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  • Only MH and my work mom (co-worker) know.... Smile
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  • My sister knows, but she's good at secrets. No one else knows

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  • My Mom and sister know I stopped BCP but they think its because my neurologist thinks it was was causing my migraines (which they were but not why I stopped taking BCP). I work in L&D and everyone asks me when its gonna be our turn to be pregnant. I tell them we are practicing ;) that normally keeps them from asking further questions. None of my or hubby's family know we are TTGP. We will keep it that way until after 12 weeks pregnant. Then it will just be immediate family until I start to show. If my sister knew, the entire world would know in about 5 minutes.

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  • We're not even officially TTC and our immediate family knows that we are planning to start this year. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and can't keep a secret or tell a lie, so that is that.
  • No, they would all obsess if we told them. We'd get questions non-stop. Not really anyone knows we are trying. A couple friends know I'm off BCP, but don't know we're trying.
  • Yes, most close family and friends know... I wouldn't be able to keep the secret anyway.

    Nobody really hounds us except maybe our parents.. they really want grandbabies... We just tell them we're trying :-)

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  • About 10 people in our life know, including my parents, but it's a mix of family and friends. To their credit, we told everyone we would alert them when we had news, so I never get the "are you pregnant yet?" questions.
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  • I'm pretty open about stuff, so our immediate families and a few close work friends know.  I'm not broadcasting to everyone, but certainly not hiding it either.  My mom is extremely laid back--no pressure at all .  My SIL went through 5 year of TTC before she got pregnant so the IL's know it could take awhile and there are no guarantees. 

  • Well, many people know that I am ready and that it is on the radar for us. The only people that truly know (when we will start) are my sister and 2 close friends. I get why people keep it a secret, people who dont know ask all the time so I cant imagine what it would be like if they knew for sure.

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  • image michaela080:
    I'm a blabber mouth. Tons of people know.

    Ha! I like this.....

    Side note, SLP's rock!

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  • Haven't told anyone we are TTC except my boss (who is like a sister to me and I tell her everything!). 


    And we plan on keeping it quiet for the first 3 months!

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  • Both our families know they assumed that the day we got married we were TTC so now we get asked at least twice a day. i really wish people didn't know but in our families you get married then you have 3 months to announce a pregnancy or the pressure gets put on.
  • Yes, but only because they would drive us CRAZY if we did not let them know that we are at least trying for children.
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