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Tight stomach that won't go away! Untimeable BH!

So yesterday and today I have been having what I believe are BH contractions. I had them early on from about 15-20 weeks. The problem is that since they have started again my stomach gets really hard and I can't tell if or when they start or stop. It just feels really hard for several hours and its so hard and tight that my back starts hurting. Well today I definitely overdid it at work. I was on my feet all day, walking a ton, and I could barely make myself take one more step when I walked in the door at home. My stomach had been tight all day and my back hurt so bad. I took a bath as soon as I got home and my stomach was hard the whole time I was in the bath. I got out and went straight for the couch on my left side. I thought it was getting better, but as I lay here my ribs started hurting really bad and I felt my stomach and it was really hard again. I asked my husband to get me some more water (I drank about 88 oz today so far) to see if that would help. It did help, but then I felt like I had to go to the bathroom and it was hard again (I figured bc I had to go). Even after I went my stomach was hard as a rock. I wouldn't say the actual contractions hurt, but they kill my ribs and make it feel like my ribs are expanding and then it ends up making my back hurt really bad. Anyone have any advice for me? Maybe all of that is normal with BH, but I just want to make sure. Plus has anyone had them and not been able to time them? Can't tell when they start or stop.
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Re: Tight stomach that won't go away! Untimeable BH!

  • This is so crazy, Ive been having the samething also since yesterday. I called the doctor & she told me that it could be yearly yearly signs of labor. She also said it could last for a few hours to over a week. She did say to drink water, take a bath & just lay down to see if that helps. For me it didnt really work but good luck.

    Hope that helps a little!


  • I get this, and have had them for weeks but they don't hurt so I don't worry about them. My drs don't seem worried.
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  • image JCragg:
    I get this, and have had them for weeks but they don't hurt so I don't worry about them. My drs don't seem worried.

    This, although in the last couple days mine have started being painful (today especially).



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  • My friend had the exact same symptoms she kept complaining that her stomach felt so tight and hard as a rock all day, she thought they were BH contractions, but she called her doctor and he said she was actually in labor for a whole day before she knew it.  A day later they really started hurting so she went to the hospital and they admitted her she had her baby that day. So you never know.  I would keep intouch with your doctor at all times.
  • I'm only 33 weeks so thats why I'm a little more concerned about it.
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  • If you start to get really bad cramps with it, I'd be worried. At our child-birth class, our teacher told us that if you have a continuous hardened uterus that won't stop, accompanied by painful cramping, and sometimes (but not always) bleeding, you could be having a placental abruption. In that case you would need to go to the hospital immediately because that is life threatening to the baby!

    But since I'm assuming you haven't had cramping like that, then maybe it is early labor? I've had lots of BH for months now, but none that lasted more than a minute or two so I'm not sure exactly what's going on in your case.  Hopefully they'll calm down for you!

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