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Pregnancy workout DVDs?

I will confess up front that I am terrible about working out. As in... I never work out. When the weather gets warmer I am looking forward to going for walks (the only form of exercise I ever get) but I've been thinking about trying some DVDs like yoga, etc. in the meantime.

I live in a small town so I haven't been able to find any fitness classes for pregnancy. Any recommendations for DVDs or even online sites that offer workouts I could do at home at a decent price? TIA!

ETA: My humble apologies for the duplicate post. I didn't see the first one and will be sure to see what responses it received.

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Re: Pregnancy workout DVDs?

  • ::waits eagerly for answers to MT's excellent question::

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  • I just ordered Summer Sanders' Prenatal Workout from Amazon last week.  It hasn't arrived yet. but the description said it has workouts that vary for each trimester.  The reviews said it was a good workout that actually felt productive, but was toned down for pregnant women.  I will post an update after it arrives and I try it out!  I have several other (non-prenatal) workout dvd's from that same company (Gaiam) and I really like them all, so hopefully this one lives up to the others.
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  • ::looks halfway down the page at almost identical post::

    Maybe there are some answers there?

    If not, Amazon surely has something to suit your preferences/needs.

  • I also have the Summer Sanders DVD but I prefer the walking workout from the biggest loser collection.  You can do one - four miles at a time and its low impact and easy to do but still fun!  Each mile only takes 16 minutes and you can do it all in your living room. 
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  • Do you have netflix? They have a bunch on there
  • I like Gaiam's Prenatal Yoga & Denise Austin: Fit & Firm Pregnancy.
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  • I have the Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout DVD, I've been using it since I had my LO and I'm still doing the workout now pregnant again. It's awesome.
  • Not exactly DVDs, but I downloaded a couple prenatal yoga classes from YogaDownload.com and they're fantastic.  They have a free 20 minute one, and the longer sessions are about $4.  You can choose from audio only (mp3) or video slideshow (mp4) versions.


  • I have been using Leisa Hart's Fit Mom DVD since my 2nd trimester and I really like it! It's a little cheesy but who cares if it's just you and the TV right? It's broken down into three 20 minute routines - 1 dance routine, 1 yoga fat burn, and 1 labor and delivery prep which is just floor exercises. It's great because you can alternate doing the dance with the yoga or with the labor and delivery prep or you can do all three depending on how you feel and/or how much time you have. It's low impact but it helps keep me active and she's a good encourager - she's 8 months pregnant while she's instructing the video! There's also 2 women in their first trimester and 2 women in their 2nd and you can do some variations depending on which trimester your in. I would recommend it for sure. It's helped me with lower back pain (lots of back stretches) and it helps stretch and strengthen muscles you will use for labor which is great. Plus I got it for around $10 on Amazon! Oh and I'm in my 3rd trimester now and even though it's gotten harder with the extra weight, it definitely helps build up my energy and makes me feel better to do it 3-5 times a week.
  • I have been doing the Summer Sanders Giam one and it is really good.  The 2nd trimester workout is 50 minutes for the regular workout, I haven't done the express workout yet, but I think it will be good for when I'm really tired.  Hope you enjoy it too!
  • I love Element: Prenatal and Postnatal DVD (http://www.amazon.com/Element-Prenatal-Postnatal-Elena-Brower/dp/B002EWD0BS/ref=pd_cp_d_2_img).  It was the first prenatal workout dvd I got and still the one I like the best.  It was kind of tough the first few times I did it (even in first trimester) but that is also what keeps it a good workout.  I'm now in my third trimester and able to do most of the workout still, and I find it very enjoyable.

    Also, if you don't want to buy a bunch of workout dvd's, I found that any sort of light cardio or other exercise was do-able--walking, squats bicep curls, shoulder presses, side-lunges, etc.  Just be sure you feel comfortable doing whichever exercise you want to try (for instance, that you feel like you have good balance) and that you don't get too hot.  It is really nice to mix up workouts by just doing some random exercises.  Also, my husband will work out with me when I'm doing these kinds of exercises and that is a helpful motivator for me to do them when I don't really feel like it.

     Let us know what you end up getting or trying, and how you like it! 

  • You can also check out www.pilatesanytime.com.  There is a free 15 day trial and after that it's only like $15 or $18 per month.  Cheaper than a gym membership & you can do unlimited videos.  I've done a few of the prenatal videos & they're pretty good.  I like being able to do it any time & not have to worry about getting bored with the same routine or having to return a rented DVD.  Good luck!
  • I love Leisa Hart's Prenatal DVD. I got it on Ebay for about $11.00 and it came with another DVD to help you bounce back after Baby arrives. I've been doing it for a couple months and I love it! Sometimes I have a headache, I do the yoga part of the disc and my headache is gone! Helps regulate my digestion and makes me feel good. And I have avoided gaining way too much extra weight. Its great.

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  • For Christmas my sister got me "Yoga Booty Ballet, Baby on the Way", and I really like it.  I have always done workout videos at home and this one is great for pregnancy.  I think she ordered it online from beachbody.com.  
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