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mom's having their second baby... what do you need to get for LO's arrival?

What are the things you will be getting for this baby?  I am starting a list and while I don't have much to get because DS is only 3 years old, I definitely have some big ticket items I need like... double stroller, another car seat, bedding (different gender this time).  I know I am forgetting some things.  What is your list like?   
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Re: mom's having their second baby... what do you need to get for LO's arrival?

  • Double stroller

    Car seat (gave mine to my sister)

    I'm considering clothe diapering this baby so everything for that.

    A bassinet

    I have all the clothes I need from DS so nothing there.

    Baby bathtub and I think that's it

    ETA: for spelling...geez I'm so frazzled today!



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  • Besides what you listed, maybe new bottles and pacifiers. 
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  • I was just thinking of this the other day and came up with a few things:

    - new nipples for the bottles
    - new paci's
    - new baby bath tub
    - another monitor or one that you can monitor 2 different rooms on (I like being able to hear my toddler tossing and turning Embarrassed.  I cant let that go!)

    Someone gave us a double stroller but my son will be 4 by the time this baby is born and I really don't think I will have a use for it.  His flight risk status should go down by then right?  We will use the infant carseat we had for our son but will need to purchase another car seat for when the new babe outgrows that one.

    We find out the sex in another week or 2 so if it is a girl we will purchase new bedding and of course will need some girly clothes but I think that's really it!  I am anxious to hear other responses because I can't think of anything else!

  • New bottle nipples, new pacifiers, I bought a few outfits/clothing pieces as this one will be born in a different season from ds#1, new burp clothes (I like to use the Gerber cloth diapers).
  • I'm not doing a double stroller.  The only thing I really need for this baby is clothes since we are having a girl this time.  Otherwise, I'm pretty much set!! I ordered her bedding already so I don't need that and it seems like we have everything else we might need.
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  • Maybe a double stroller but not sure what kind. Not interested in spending a ton on one either. Clothes if baby is a boy, new pacifiers. Maybe a moby wrap. Not much really. DD will only have just turned 2 when baby comes. We were team green last time too, so we are good on gear, bedding, blankets and the like.
  • another monitor definitely (I too like to make sure my toddler is sleeping ok after all he just got transitioned into a big boy bed)

    noise machine (have to have the Marpac sleepmate)

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  • Our biggest expenditure was doing DD's big girl room.  Other than that, I need to buy:

    *Bottle Nipples


    *Second camera for video monitor

    *Retrofit kit for stroller to make it a double

    *Newborn CD's

    We were team green before, so everything DD used, this baby can use.  We are, however, going to be off-season clothing wise.  We'll be fine for the first week, but regardless if this baby is a boy or a girl we're going to have to shop after that.

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  • Since DD is only 6.5 months, we won't need much. We'll probably only get a double stroller. I also borrowed a breast pump last time and plan on returning it and purchasing my own.

    If it's a boy we'll have to buy some boys clothes...of course!

  • Everything you mentioned plus #2 is a boy and #1 is a girl so we need all boy stuff: burp cloths, towels, washcloths, onesies, clothes, socks, pacis, boppy slip cover, bibs, blankets, changing pad cover, and another camera for the video monitor.
  • Double stroller

    Mamaroo (a possibility)


    Minimal amount of clothing essentials

    New bottles/nipples (but I am holding off, since I will BF)


    I think that is it...for now.

  • We need a double stroller and new nipples for bottles.  I keep thinking we are set and there is nothing we need so I haven't really looked into it. 
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  • Newborn cloth dipes

    Changing table

    another crib sheet

    boy clothes if has a penis

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  • I need to get:

    A crib
    A crib mattress
    A double stroller
    Another car seat (good thing DD will need the convertible then!)
    Clothes if it is a boy

    And I think that is about it.  I mean DD will be 12 months when this one gets here... what else could I really need that I don't have other than more diapers?

    image Momma to Ms. C age 16 months and Mr. C age 3 months!
  • We are team green for the 2nd time so we have everything we need at the beginning.  If we have a girl, we'll need girl clothing.  We just need stuff for our DS new big boy room.  Not sure if anyone listed a bigger diaper bag.  I won't need one but just a thought.
  • EVERYTHING! It's been 9 years since I had DD and I got rid of everything! Plus this time around we are having a BOY! So a new experience all around!
  • I just started putting thought into this:


    maybe a double stroller??

    new monitor

    new bottles and tubes, for breast pump

    diaper bag

    Baby carrier 


    diaper genie/refills




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  • I have three daughters and this one is a boy Big Smile 

    I bought pretty much everything new again for my youngest daugher as there is a four-year age difference between her and my middle daughter.  I chose things that weren't gender specific in the even that our final child would be the opposite sex.  So, I actually have basically everything: 

    crib, highchair, car seat, bouncy seat, bouncer, swing, glider, bassinet...etc

    I keep seeing all these newer/changed items...of course...they are always changing every few years.  There is another four-year age gap between youngest daughter is this baby, so I'm thinking I'm going to still buy some new stuff because it's changed a little.  I will, however, use the crib I have and I definitely need boy clothes/shoes and crib bedding/blankets.

  • Aden and Anais blankets since it will be warmer weather


    New nipples to bottle for when I am out and needs to be fed since I am BF (Lord willing it works out again)

    Moby wrap

    New nursing cover

    Maybe a glider since we used a recliner last time and it was killer on the back. 

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