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Bassinet or no?

DH asked me this morning if we had gotten a bassinet yet. We haven't because LO's room is straight across the hall from our bedroom, so I thought using the crib right away would work out fine. However, I do plan to breastfeed and realize the convenience of having LO right next to our bed. But because DH has to go to work every morning I thought it might be less of a sleep interruption for him if I dealt with the baby in the other room. Is a bassinet worth the $? What are you doing and why? TIA!!
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Re: Bassinet or no?

  • I was hoping to get a pack and play to use for that purpose but didn't receive one at our shower. Thankfully a coworker recently said I could borrow her bassinet. I was looking into the Fisher Price Rock & Play Sleeper (I think that's what it is called). It's a cradle type thing that a lot of people have said they use in place of a bassinet and it's cheap. You could look into that. I definitely think it's worth it to have the baby right next to you atleast for the first few weeks when you're exhausted and baby is feeding so often. I know DH may get woken up more often but he can atleast go right back to sleep then.
  • PS- just saw we have the same due date! :) fun!
  • We're using one because it was given to us.  I really wanted to try to have LO in his crib from the start but as pp said, it might be easier and more piece of mind to have him right next to me for at least the first few weeks.

  • yah...we have the crib in the nursery (obvs) and a chicco pnp with bassinet in our bedroom.  also, we just decided to order a bassinet for the downstairs (first few months)- we got this one at bbb for $79.99. 


    not a clue whether it's worth the expense yet- here's hoping!

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  • We went with the Rock n Play.  It was highly recommened by a lot of mom's I know.  If you are on the fence about a bassinet, definitely go with the RnP.  It's easy to fold and store and unexpensive.
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  • We're using one only because our room is the warmest in the house so we'll wait til spring to move her to the crib. I'd planned to use the pack n play in our room, but it'll be staying in our family room upstairs and I'd rather not take it up & down everyday.

    I'd found a basic bassinet at Walmart for $40 and also considered the Rock n Play sleeper, but MIL gave us DH's bassinet and it's still in good shape so we'll use that until she outgrows it.

    It seems like a lot of gear for one baby but I know I'll like the convenience of having her right next to me. 

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  • We have a bassinet in our room that she'll sleep in initially - probably the first couple months unless it doesnt work out.  I'll feel better about it and it will be more convenient I think.  The bassinet was given to us, we have a cradle as well that we could have used and a PnP too but that wouldnt have fit in our bedroom as well.  I definitely wanted her in the room with me for the first little while though.
  • We have this one:


    that someone purchased for us off our registry.  We will be having LO in the room with us for a while, I'm guessing, so we got one that has lots of little pockets and baskets and places to store diapers and wipes and clothes/etc so we don't have to constantly run back and forth to baby's room. 


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  • Haha DH randomly asked me this the other day too. I have to admit though I was a lil suprised he asked me this and even knew what a bassinet was. I had just assumed the same thing as you, that we would put LO in his crib right away since his room is right across the hall from ours. DH leaves for work every morning at 5:30 so I thought I would spare him the late night wake up calls also but Apparently the guys he works with insist that we NEED one. So much so that they plan to buy us one as a gift. Which I will not object to. I'll accept any free baby supplies and gear if people are willing to get them for us. And im positive I'll use it. But I had no plans to buy one ourselves. 

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  • Thanks all! We have a PNP so we may just try that...although I was originally thinking of keeping that in the living room. I'll look into the Rock 'n Play, too. Thanks again!
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  • LO will be in his crib from day one. It kinda sounds like I am in the minority though.  My reasoning is that like you the nursery is right across the hall there's maybe 10-15ft between our doors, and personally I have an issue with even thinking about LO sleeping in our room, I also don't like having my heater on at night and especially not at 68-72 degrees like it should be for LO so I have a room heater for the nursery so that I can keep it at the right temperature. 

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