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anybody else recoverying from postpartum cardiomyopthy???

I was diagnosed with postpartum cardiomyopthy and acute heart failure a wk after having my son. it was so shocking and scary only being 20yrs old and finding this out. its been a rough recovery and being on 5meds a day is not ideal. i have started back to work but still dont have alot of energy. anybody else dealing with this shocking diagnose?


if so please share.... its rough being a new mom dealing with the scares of this diagnose.

Re: anybody else recoverying from postpartum cardiomyopthy???

  • Oh my gosh, no, I have never even heard of this before now. That is horrible, I feel so bad for you. Glad your doing better and able to go to work though.
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  • I actually have Cardiomyopathy. I was diagnosed back in 2007. I completely understand where you are coming from, especially with being tired all the time. And to throw in a new born on top of can blow your mind.

    This is a manageable disease. I know that those 5 meds a day can seem overwhelming, but, continue taking them because they can actually help your heart function to increase. I started out on 3 meds, all to be taken 2 twice a day. I am now down to one pill, twice a day.

    Take it slow. Your energy will eventually come back as your heart function begins to improve. Did your doctor's discuss your E.F. (ejection fraction) with you and how that number directly correlates to your heart function? What meds did they prescribe for you?

    I could probably talk to you about this all night. If you have any questions or just want someone to chat with who knows what you are going through, you just let me know!!

  • It isnt very common. It happens after labor for some women. Most studies show that the heart reheals itself within 6mths. So that is what we are hoping for! I was in the heart unit at the same hospital i had my son at for 3 days. My ejection fraction was 15% very scary! I had another echocardiogram Thursday and should find out my results tomorrow! What was your ef? and what is it now?
  • When I was originally diagnosed back in 2007, my EF was 25%. As of my last echo, it's at 60%-which is dang near normal. Good luck with your results toorrow. Sending positive vibes your way!!! Please let me know what they tell you...
  • My results were not where we were hoping they would be. Im only at 20% now =( so my coreg meds were doubled and i go back to the cardiologist on thursday. i know ill be fine, its just taking longer for me to heal. thanks for your support!
  • I'm so sorry to hear about your results. Things can always improve. Continue to take your meds and I'll pray that things get better for you. Did the doc restrict you in anyway? No exercise, etc??
  • Thanks for the prayers! Since ive really had no increase in output fraction im having surgery thursday =( they are putting a defibulator in call ICD. Im praying my heart will heal itself completely. it just may take some time. they are doing surgery because they are worried about sudden death syndrome in my sleep. which is my heart stopping in my sleep. scary sounding i know, but i just pray and believe that god is watching over me.
  • WOW. I will send up extra special prayers for you on Thursday. God gave doctors the good sense to know how to fix the human heart, so all will be well. I'll be checking back on this post to see how you are post surgery. Post a message when you feel up to it...
  • Surgery went great. Im having a rough recovery. the incision spot is very tender and the slightest move is painful. the incision site is right under my caller bone and is 3in long. thanks for all the prayers! ill keep you posted.
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