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Don't know if I'm having a shower...

Alright this is a wierd question I guess... but no one on either side of the family, and none of my friends or coworkers have said anything about a shower. I am six months pregnant, and am wondering if I should just be assuming that we won't be having one...


So far we have the crib, stroller, carseat, and glider. We registered for everything else, I just don't want to be thinking I'm going to have a shower and then have to buy everything in the last few weeks before baby.


What would you do? 

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Re: Don't know if I'm having a shower...

  • I'd start buying the things that I needed for my baby as they go on sale, or saving the money in case I need to buy the stuff I need for my child


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  • I would start buying stuff or at least saving up money for it. I'm five months along, and invites for my showers have already gone out...
  • I wouldn't worry too much, most showers don't happen until you're well into your third trimester. I had two showers and they were both planned right around my 30 week mark.  I think it'd be a good idea (just in case) to have some money set aside for baby necessities so you're more than prepared to go out all at once to get the baby things although it sounds like you have the bases covered.
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  • Prepare to have to buy things for yourself.  If it works out that you have a shower you can then use that money towards other things that you still need. 
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  • I agree with the others. I only found out about my shower a few weeks ago, and about 2 days before my SIL and MIL told me about their plans, my husband and I had the conversation about what necessities we needed to start buying starting with our end of January paychecks if there was no word of a shower by then.
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  • I had to decline a shower offered to me by family members on the East Coast.  We live in Arizona and I've had a rought pregnancy, so I really don't want to travel cross country again.  Also, I'm saving all my leave time for after the baby arrives. 

    We've budgeted to buy everything ourselves.  I registered anyway at the request of our families, and they've graciously bought us some nice gifts.  I would make sure you have the money just in case. 

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  • The serious shower talk for my shower didn't start until I was around 25 wks. There had been casual talk before that of "Oh we are going to throw your shower" but nothing was really set until 25/26 wks.

    I kinda thought they weren't going to throw me a shower either but then my SIL called and said she had been planning it all along and we talked a tiny bit about what I wanted. Other than that I was totally kept in the dark until the actual shower happened.

    We did set aside money and plan on buying the things we needed but I am glad I waited because we got almost every single item we needed at our shower.

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  • My family has showers after the baby is born.....this could be what they are all thinking and just haven't told you that.  I'm only 16 weeks but my Mom already told me that she didn't feel comfortable having a shower beforehand.  I also know that there are a few things like a crib that my parents would like to get us anyways.

     Could you get your partner to drop a bug in someone's ear?  "Geez Mom when you were pregnant how did your shower go, who had it?" or something like that.

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