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Baby Liam Arrived PIP

Hey ladies...I'm happy to announce that Baby Liam arrived early this morning. 12:48am.  

My water broke at 6:45am and I was sent to the hospital at 9:15am.  Contractions and labor was EASY until about 4:30pm during Oprah.  The contractions got much harder and more painful.  I made it to 6cm at this point.  Then 7...8 and finally 9cm before I gave in and wanted the epidural.  Holy cow do those things work!

 I pushed for 2 hours initially and the doctor was not very happy with my progress, and suggested a cesarean.  I tried for another 45 minutes to push and still noting substantial.  So I threw in the towel and went for the c-section.

Didn't feel a thing and then heard baby cry.  He's currently in the NICU because there was a problem with his breathing but he is doing well.  7 lbs  20 oz 19.5 inches long and has RED hair!

Here is a pic  


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