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Oh when to tell people...

5 wks and M/S all over the place

I guess that's a good thing... The other day I felt fine and my first thought was, "is the baby ok?" And I'm not throwing up. I can only have very small portions throughout the day. It mostly feels like heartburn/indigestion... and sometimes full on nausea.

 Hubby and I are super excited and are wondering when we should let the cat out of the bag. I think it's going to be a while before I feel comfortable doing so. Who is to say that I might not go to my first appointment (b/n 9-10 weeks,) and find out the baby stopped growing at 6? Hmph. I don't want this to be the case, but at the same time I want to celebrate the new life growing inside me.

What do you guys think? When are you telling?

 Thought for the day: I was walking down the hallway at work when it hit me: I'm not alone anywhere I go anymore! :-D 

Re: Oh when to tell people...

  • Your symptoms will come and go. So don't worry about that. Little to no symptoms don't equal something is wrong... Just like really bad symptoms don't equal a perfect pregnancy.
    Tell everyone when your comfortable..We told our parents and siblings at 6 weeks...that way we had someone to celebrate with but didn't tell anyone else until 12 weeks. Besides the obvious of telling everyone early and being worried if something happens....its such a looong wait when you announce that early for everyone else. My one friend announced at 4 weeks and omg she had the longest pregnancy EVER. GL

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  • Tell people when you are ready. I told my parents and ILs with DS right away at 4 weeks. And siblings at 6 weeks. Work at 13 weeks. Everyone else I told at 19 weeks. With this baby DH and I are keeping quiet. I really don't want to deal with the comments yet.

    Whatever you do is the right thing for you.

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  • There's no universal rule for when is the best time to announce your pregnancy. With DD#1, we only told our immediate families right away (at 6 weeks or so) and waited until after we heard the h/b (10 week appointment) to tell the rest of our friends and families.

    With this one, we got our BFP in early December, and figured all the upcoming dinners/parties were just the perfect occasion to tell all our friends and families in person. I have yet to tell work (except my boss) and am in no hurry to do so.

    Moral of the story: do what you feel comfortable with :) 

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  • We told our families right away but are waiting to tell friends and everyone else after we hear the HB at the first OB appt. 
  • We told our immediate family when we found out at 4 weeks. My next appt is at 12 1/2 weeks for my u/s. We will probably tell everyone after that. Good luck in your decision... there's no right or wrong answer, just whatever you feel comfortable with :)
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