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Does your babysitter clean?

Cuz mine does, like crazy!  She told me to fire my cleaning lady cuz that's part of the $12/hour I pay her.  My husband thinks it's weird.  I think I am in love.  WDYT?
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Re: Does your babysitter clean?

  • as long as the house isn't so spotless that she's obviously neglecting the baby... that's great! 

     my nanny cleans, but i still keep the housekeepers because i like having professionals do it.... they get everything just a tad cleaner than the average person can. prbly bc they have all the right tools, chemicals, ladders, vaccum attachmeents, etc. 

     my nanny gets really offended when the housekeepers come in, so i try to take nanny shopping or something while housekeepers come in.  

  • That's awesome. Our baby sitter cleans up the downstairs where they play when they're done and puts away all of the toys. I've told her that we don't expect her to, but she does it anyway. I must admit, it was nice going downstairs today and having everything picked up.
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  • Our nanny does "light" housekeeping, which basically means she keeps the kitchen clean and main living areas/DD's room tidy. The nanny's mother is actually our cleaning lady, and she does the more thorough scrubbing and floors and such. Though I'm sure they have some kind of arrangement between themselves to work things out, I'm just happy it all gets done.
  • Our nanny is only responsible for any cleaning related to DD.  She washes her dishes, does her laundry twice a week, and picks up toys.  She also vaccums and dusts the family room because that's mainly the area where DD has free roam.  I don't want her cleaning our entire house, because I don't think she could do that and pay enough attention to DD.
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