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Re:Website Fvckup (Everyone Read Please)

Okay, I fvcked up the Due Date Page. I'm soooo sorry that you have to resubmit your info.

If you had a due date AFTER Dec 4th I need you to Fill Out the following

  • Bump Name:
  • Due Date :
  • Team Status:
  • Birth date:
  • Birth time:
  • Birth weight:
  • Birth length:

I feel like shiit for this.

For my reference:

This is where I've stopped at 12:22

Bump Name: Devilish

For everyone else: I have to go babysit my two nieces so I'll get to the rest of it soon....hopefully. Keep the info coming ladies!! Thanks.


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Re: Re:Website Fvckup (Everyone Read Please)

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