2nd Trimester

Anyone not feel pregnant?

Hi, I am entering the 2nd tri this week.  I lurk and don't post too often but have one question.  Just wondering if anyone out there not feel pregnant right now.  I have gained some weight, had a few rounds of m/s in the 1st tri, and was pretty tired but nothing compared to what I have heard others going through.  Today I literally have to remind myself I am pregnant.  I just don't feel that different.  I had my NT scan on Friday and everything looks good (still waiting for bw) and I heard the HB so I should just chill out but it is hard.  Anyone else not "feel" pregnant?  How do you calm yourself down in between appointments?

Re: Anyone not feel pregnant?

  • I didn't have any major symptoms. I still don't, but now I can feel the baby, which is very reassuring. That doesn't kick in for a month or two for you, unfortunately.

    Try to just be grateful you DON'T feel "pregnant", because "pregnant" is usually code for "like crap". You're far enough along, you will notice if things aren't okay. Feeling nothing means everything is going along just fine.

    If you're particularly paranoid, you could buy a doppler. Some people find it comforting to find a heartbeat whenever you want.

  • Oh yes. I'm 19 weeks... Almost 20 and I still don't feel pregnant. I'm barley showing and I didn't have any symptoms at all. I just feel kinda fat. I have a belly, but it doesn't look like a prego belly. I bought an at home heart rate doppler that I use to hear my baby's heart beat so I can reassure myself that he's in there! It was hard for me not to be negative and think the worst because I just don't feel pregnant. I just had my anatomy scan and that definitely reassured me that he's in there and doing well.

    All I can say is enjoy not feeling pregnant right now because once you're further along in your pregnancy... You're going to be wishing you felt this way again! Keep your head up and stay positive. You've got a miracle growing in your belly. 

  • I think I've felt like that maybe two days this entire pregnancy. I do get where you are coming from. No one wants to feel bad, but as soon as you feel completely normal, little thoughts start creeping in.  We are at the stage now that our comfort can be baby movement.

    Be happy that you feel so great, and just enjoy this time. I was that way with my 1st pregnancy. I loved being pregnant because it went so smoothly. Now that I'm pregnant with my 3rd, I'm just ready for May to get here. I'm pretty miserable every day. But, I've never been so happy to be miserable.

  • Thanks everyone.  I think I will buy a doppler.  I am very blessed that I feel so great and have this little miracle growing inside me so I will try to remember that.  I have had a couple of losses so it is hard not too worry but I have to get over it. 
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    Thanks everyone.  I think I will buy a doppler.  I am very blessed that I feel so great and have this little miracle growing inside me so I will try to remember that.  I have had a couple of losses so it is hard not too worry but I have to get over it. 

    Warning about dopplers, you migh not hear the heart beat for awhile since your still really early. I have a doppler and I can still bearly hear LO heartbeat. The more expensive the better the doppler.

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    I have had a couple of losses so it is hard not too worry but I have to get over it. 

    That makes a huge difference. I see that you are only 13 weeks. I was thinking you were further along. Once you start feeling regular movement, it will be so much more comforting. But then, you will probably be like most of us and freak out if the baby is having a slow day. I think it just comes with the territory. Some days I'm thankful for feeling crappy.

  • PP is right! I have a Graco doppler and I can't hear a dang thing! I went to the doctors the other day and he found the heartbeat no problem which relieved me to no end because I can't hear anything on mine so I was worried. Dopplers offer relief for some and fear for others, just depends on what kind you get. I would not not not recommend the Graco doppler.
  • I am 17 weeks and I just look fat. Other than morning sickness ( which basically for me feels like the flu for the last 4 months). I do not feel pregnant.
  • I am 20 weeks tomorrow and I have never felt pregnant!  Starting to feel a little movement but I have an anterior placenta so the placenta is taking the blows from the baby!
  • Nope, I don't feel pregnant at all either.
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    Always missing our first son Caleb, born at 19w3d on 4.12.10.
  • i can sympathize!  i drove poor dh crazy with 'do you think i'm still pregnant?' every few days.  while my belly is now a small visual reminder, there are no symptoms during the day that make me 'feel' pregnant.

    just a personal note-i chose not to look into getting a doppler.  i didn't want to drive myself crazy with worry if i couldn't find a heartbeat.  i'm learning to trust my body and i really do think that it will tell me if something is wrong. 

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  • I totally feel you! I've had no symptoms of being pregnant other than positive pregnancy test and seeing the heartbeat at the ultrasound. I threw up once, but that was because I swallowed a Tylenol wrong lol. I have a small bump...I'm 15 weeks...but thats it! My husband is more in tune with my pregnancy than I am. He's had the morning sickness, heartburn and just overall icky feelings. I'm actually jealous! 
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