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failed 3 hour Glucose test

Has anyone failed the 3 hour glucose tolerance test but then started checking blood sugars and they are all under the recommended ranges?  I hate to have the label of GD if my sugars are ok.  Any advice would be appreciated!!!

Re: failed 3 hour Glucose test

  • I failed my 3 hour test about 2 weeks ago and have to test my blood sugar four times a day. Every single test has been under, most of them significantly under. I still have to deal with the label and the pricking is annoying, but it's actually been okay because I get to see baby a lot more now after being diagnosed! And because of my levels, my doctor considers me at the low end of "high risk" so I don't feel as guilty as I did about all the potential risks to baby. I don't really have any advice per se because once you fail, that's pretty much it, but I can say my experience with it has not been bad! And I still eat cookies and ice cream all the time =)
  • If you failed the test, there is a reason you failed the test! It's not a fluke. Follow the GD diet - it isnt' that bad and forces you to make healthy choices for you and your baby. If your sugars are normal, that's great - you will have more flexibility with the diet than others do. You likely aren't considered high-risk unless you go on some form of medicine or insulin to help control your numbers. Good luck.
  • Just because you may have good numbers when you check them does not mean you have then all of the time.  That's sort of the reason they do A1C bloodwork as well, because you aren't checking your numbers after every single snack as well, and for all you know your numbers may spike during that time.  It's better safe than sorry!  Good Luck!
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  • If it helps any, I failed mine yesterday, but mine were all high.  I am there with you about how you feel, but my husband keeps telling me not to be so hard on myself and that it isn't my fault.  Just remember, you can't control everything while pregnant and you can get though this!  Everyone is here to support each other!  Smile
  • No both times I've failed the GT I have been GD and have some high numbers.  Not all of them, and have yet to be on insulin, but the positive test meant I have GD.
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  • I had GD that was diagnosed late with my first pregnancy and I was diagnosed at 17 weeks with this pregnancy.  For me, my numbers started out easy to control but got more difficult as I got farther along.  Also, you can have these really awesome weeks where you are doing great then a couple of days will be bad.  Like one of the PP said, just because you have good sugars sometimes doesn't mean you are always controlled.  The best way to know is to have your A1c checked.  Not gonna lie, I was so disappointed when I was first diagnosed but then I put it in perspective...it could be so much worse because we DO have control over this...
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  • The point of checking sugars and controlling your diet is to keep your numbers low. Anyone here that answers has likely started adjusting their diet and that is why their numbers are low. Right? Unless I'm missing something....

    I had GD with my DS and if I had kept on eating like I was, there is no way in heck that my numbers would have been normal. They only went under when I started adjusting my diet, and even then I had good days and bad.

    I'm sorry you failed your 3hr.   It's only a few short weeks of your pregnancy and while it takes a little getting used to, it's not that bad at all.  Hang in there!

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    I still have to deal with the label and the pricking is annoying, but it's actually been okay because I get to see baby a lot more now after being diagnosed!


    Lucky!  I requested additional ultrasounds as my due date gets closer, but apparently it's not in Kaiser's policy unless the nurses think that the baby is already bigger than it should be.  Looks like they'd rather go into the delivery room already considering it high risk than to take precautions before it's really an issue.  They don't want to expose the baby to any additional ultrasounds than necessary... But they have no problem with offering needles into the amniotic sac for genetic screenings!

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