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High BP - going to hospital - anyone have any experiences with this?

I was told if I get 2 BP readings above 140/90 to go to L&D. 

What exactly will happen from there? Do they put you on bed rest or do they deliver the baby at that point?

I just took a reading and it was over 140/90 but I wasn't lying on my left side - I am pretty sure he said to lie on my left side if it's high. But it got me thinking -  if I do have to go in what will happen?  

 Anyone have any experiences to share?  

Re: High BP - going to hospital - anyone have any experiences with this?

  • I went at 37 weeks and was induced, but my doctor told me that before sending me to the hospital. They may just monitor you and make a decision from there.

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  • I am 32 weeks and was just released from the hospital on bedrest and BP medicine. You will probably have to do a 24 hour urine and a NST where they put the baby on the monitor to check for movement and heart rate. With DD I had the . Same issue at 36 weeks and also had BPP- its an ultrasound that checks for movement, tone and to see is the baby is practicing her breathing. DD failed all of these due to lack of movement and I was induced the next day. I wish my BP had held off that long this time, it will be at least 4 weeks before they can safely induce but I am getting steroid injections now in case me condition worsens and they HAVE to induce. GL
  • They'll probably take a urine sample to check for protien.  They'll have you lay in bed on your side hooked up to a BP monitor and fetal monitor.  What they decide to do and what restriction they give you will depend on whether or not they are able to get your BP under control and whether or not there is protein in your urine (and how much).
  • I also have an issue with high blood pressure at times.  Once you get a high reading, go sit back in a recliner or lie on your left side for about 20 minutes and then take another reading.  It's likely that the number will go down. 

     If it remains high, the doctors have a couple of options depending on how far along you are.  If you are still a little ways out from your due date, they may suggest bed rest and possibly some medication.  If you are close to your due date they may induce, but they try to avoid that unless your blood pressue won't go down.

  • I had a big weight gain since last week and also protein in my urine - though they didn't tell me how much. Dr. ordered me off my feet as much as possible. 

    I did get a high reading at home while resting but not on my left side. I will try again on my left side and see what it says.  

  • I am going through the process right now, I am in the middle of my 24 hr urine collection with massive headaches and vision changes with BP spikes so they need me to come in first thing in morning for more blood work, and ultrasound and another check up and we will go from there. 
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  • UGH! I had my first two LD visits this week.  I have hypertension pre pg which has been tightly controlled but for some reason shot up over the weekend.  They put me on BP and Fetal monitors and as pp said did a 24 hour urine and blood work up.  Pre e was ruled out  and my regular medicine aldomet is now being adjusted which I am doing from home. Its been frustrating because on the first visit they released me without monitoring for a long enough time. The medicine had kicked in so BP was normal while there, I should have insisted that they wait longer to see what happens when the medicine doesn't cover as long as it should have. I went back in yesterday after a steady BP of 170/110 between doses of medicine. I am now working with Dr from home to change both timing and dosage but it is being done slowly and is taking awhile to correct. I was told if it is not under control by the am, I will need to go back to LD and for sure I will insist on staying there until the results are consistent.  Hang in there and gl.
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  • I think you need to go to l&d and now worry about taking your bp at home again! When you get there, they'll probably run labs to check your platletts, etc. If you had trace protein earlier in the week, they'll probably want to do a 24 hr urine catch. With dd, my pre-e set in so suddenly that it sent me into labor. When my bp shot up to 150/100, they started pitocin to speed things up. Pre-e is not something you want to mess around with. You can also quickly develop hellp syndrome, which effects your liver. You have all of the classic signs of pre-e, so you need to get to the hospital!
  • Most doctors do not take pre-e symptoms lightly. They can go from bad to worse very fast. If you are close to term, 37 weeks, they may just induce & deliver you so if your going to L&D bring your hospital bag incase.



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