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Can I vent please... a poor me post.

I'm having a bad day.

First:  we had a huge snowfall this past weekend.  I mean record snowfall.  So on my way to drop DD off at her dayhome this morning, a nice (and by nice I mean dumb biitch) lady in a large truck passed me on the small residential street that hadn't been plowed yet.  She could clearly see that the sides of the street were deep and rutted.  But... instead of letting me stay in the middle and her moving over with her nice 4x4 truck, she came into the middle, thus making me have to move over and getting stuck.

I gave her a really warm friendly look after that.  Luckily a nice man came along and pushed me out.  So, I was 13 minutes late for work due to above said circumstance.

Second:  we are TTC #2.  I tested on 9 and 10DPO and both were negative.  I am 13DPO today.  Last night I took a CBE test and got a really really faint line (or so I thought).  I thought I'd retest today with FMU.  Today I used a FRER and it was negative as can be.  I now believe the faint line that DH and I both saw last night was nothing more than an evap. line.  2nd disappointment of the day - most definitely not pregnant (unless I fall into that 2% category that doesn't test positive one day before said period is due (as read on the FRER box).

Third:  we ordered blinds for our new house.  The online receipt saying that they have arrived in our store lists 8 blinds being received (5 more are backordered until early February).  DH goes to pick up the blinds and only comes home with seven.  Now I get to phone the store this morning and possibly have to argue about where the 8th one is.

I know all of the above is trivial.  I know that I am just biitchy and sad.  I should be thankful that I have a beautiful healthy daughter, and not worry about the fact that I am not pregnant with #2 yet (what's the rush?).  I should also be thankful that I even have a car to drive, and that I can afford new blinds for my new house.  Maybe later when I snap out of this awful mood I will be.

If you managed to read this far, thank you.  If you could tell me something funny or good to cheer me up, that would be great.

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Re: Can I vent please... a poor me post.

  • everyone is entitled to complain once in a while, I hope your day improves!
  • Ugh, sometimes all the small crappy stuff decide to happen on the same day!  I had that day yesterday, and at like 10 p.m. when I was finally getting a chance to sit down and unwind after a day full of little stuff going wrong, I got horrendous cramps in both my feet that lasted for like 10 or 15 minutes.  I basically broke down and was screaming "EFFING FOOT CRAMPS" and DH started slowly backing out of the room because he thought I was possessed.  Some days just suck.

    And also, as far as TTC goes, it's not over till AF shows.  Hope she doesn't show for you!   

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  • So sorry to hear that it is that kind of day!  I wish I had something funny to cheer you up, but honestly, drawing a blank today.

    Hoping that "nice" ladies get stuck themselves, that your blinds get found, and that you are part of the magical 1%!



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