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Gdiapers - Has any one ever heard of them or used them

My mom did some research about a new kind of diaper called a gdiapers.

Looking to see if any one has used them and if they work?


Re: Gdiapers - Has any one ever heard of them or used them

  • Yes, I've heard of Gdiapers. No, I haven't used them. They don't have a great rep from a lot of cloth diaper users. Try looking on the Cloth Diapering board for some more info about them.

  • Wev'e used them and so far so good. We rotate them with disposables and will have a gdiaper day. As long as you check to make sure they are on correctly they seem to work well. We currently use the fleece inserts, the disposable inserts and prefold diaper inserts...good stuff.

    I should say that I breastfeed so lo's poop is water soluable making it easy to wash and dry. 

  • We use a combo of G Diapers and disposables, and we like them. I love the biodegradable/flushable inserts.
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  • Yes, I used them with DS for a few months.  I didn't really like them.  The flushable inserts clogged our toilet even when used properly, so we had to throw them away anyway.  They weren't as absorbant as disposable diapers.  We used cloth inserts in them too, and it was a lot of work, b/c poop always got on the plastic liner and they had to be washed as well.

    I'm just using pocket cloth diapers with DD and it's way less of a hassle than gDiapers ever were.

  • We're using them with Ava and I'm sort of neutral feeling about them. I don't *hate* them, but I wouldn't waste a lot of energy defending them if someone else DID say they hated them, if you know what I mean.

    I do really like the flushable inserts - we haven't had a problem with flushing them - but the actual gDiaper cloth inserts we have problems with time to time, like PP said, sometimes the mess gets onto the liner itself. I'm going to get some prefolds and see if that will make a difference - I think they're just too narrow maybe.

  • We use gDiapers on our daughter exclusively.  Now that I have discovered them, I will never use anything else.  They are very absorbent, you just have to make sure you are using them correctly.  It took a little trial and error for me.  If you want to know more, join their Facebook page and ask questions from the other moms.  They have been a lifesaver to me any time I was having trouble.  Also, gHeadquarters is great about answering questions and solving problems.  I highly recommend gDiapers.  
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