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   Our 365 is the company who did my daughters newborn photos at the hospital (they do hospital pics all over the country).  They just called and they want to come to my house for "the free sitting and 8x10" that is included with hospital pic. They are coming over tomorrow to do pics. Is this just a way of them to make more money?  I have already had pic done recently by a private photographer and really dont need anymore right now. I also know I don't need the temptation for more pics :-) Has anybody used this service they have offered?  What is your opinion?

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  • Omg we used them to for my daughters newborn pics in the hospital and we had our free in home session 2 weeks ago, and then last friday they called to go over the pics over the phone while looking at the computer with the girl on the phone, it was like an meeting where she did everything on the computer. you do get a free 8X10 pic, but they take so many cute pics you cant say no to them. I ended up buying 4 5x7s, 1,8x10 and then my free 8x10. There prices are crazy. i ended up with the cheapest one. the most expensive one was like almost 2000 dollars. its crazy. Then yesterday a lady called asking me if i wanted to buy some newborn keepsakes, i said no i have already purchased all that i want thank you. So yes do the free session, but be prepared for temptation to want to buy buy buy... They take good pics but wayyy to expensive..hth :)
  • I wasn't crazy about how the pics came out in the hospital, but we bought them anyways b/c how do you say no? I said no to the house visit b/c for sure they are going to try to get you to buy more stuff.
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  • I used them for the first three sets of portraits I had done of my son. They are so awesome. Kind of spendy but the pics are worth it. This is something you will look at for years to come it's totally worth it. Plus they come to you and their photographers are great. I loved that I didn't have to pack everything up and go to a studio. I am hoping we can use them again with our daughter's pictures.
  • We used them for hospital pics as well (see siggy).  We loved them but I don't like that they keep calling me to try to come to the house.  I have been ignoring the phone call. 
  • We bought the CD with 8 pics done at the hospital and it was $120.  Total rip off, but how can you say no to your baby's first pics?  They are cute but not by professional standards, and at the professional price.  I will turn down the home vist if they call.  My brother's GF is a photographer and will be doing his one month photos so we will just wait until then.  

  • I used them when DD was 4wks old and the pictures were gorgeous but their prices are outrageous! I wound up taking the free 8x10 and calling it a day. I wish I could have gotten more since the pics came out so good but I'm not made of money :o(
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  • We bought a hospital picture (she didn't really cooperate) so we got what we could. Then they tried to sell us birth announcements, which were SOOO expensive.

    When we got home, I will say what we order was shipped and delivered quickly, but then the phone calls started.

    We are very fortunate to have a DH's sister, who is a photographer, on the side who does pretty good work. She did DH and I's engagement photos and have done pictures of me when she is bored. 

    We also had baby Courtney's first photo shoot at 4 days old, and just did a set of pictures for 1 month. She then fixes them up and i get them printed at walmart or cvs.



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  • They did our hospital pics but we haven't gotten calls for a home visit yet. Do they wait until LO is a couple of weeks old before they start in? We ordered a bunch of pics and a keepsake birth announcement (since he is a New Years baby, it was easy to get suckered in to it LOL) and spent a boatload but I'm definitely not buying anymore from them.
  • They started calling me at 3 weeks I think. I have been so busy with my son and baby I didn't answer- they caught me today.
  • The hospital we delivered at used that company, but one of the nurses at the hospital took the picture. I wanted to get at least one of my daughter's hospital pictures, but looking at the price sheet for them, we turned them down. I can look at the proofs online, but wish I could have one print out. Was pretty bummed with how expensive they were!
  • I had mine done by that company as well. I didn't get a in house meeting but I am sure I would say yes to just get the 8x10 lol
  • What area code are these calls coming from? I'm wondering if these are the calls I'm ignoring. I did not get the ones in the hospital but opted for a pro the day after she came home
  • We declined the in-home session, because it was clearly a way for them to make more money. The hospital pics, while nice, were nothing special and had I not been so sleep-deprived I wouldn't have gotten them. Since declining the in-home, they've called my DH three times.

    We did professional newborn pics at six days old for what it's worth. I might have felt different about the hospital/in-home session had we not already had someone lined up. 

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