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For those of you who have dogs, does your LO like them? Does your dog seem to like LO? We have a black lab and DS is so interested in him. He watches him like a hawk and flails his arms whenever he walks into the room. Our pup is just starting to like the baby a bit more. He'll sniff him and occasionally lick his head, but stays away otherwise.
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Re: Puppies and babies

  • our golden retriever is in LOVE with the baby.  He lays on the floor next to her and puts his head on her lap/legs.  If she's really lucky, he'll lick her, too.
  • My boxer and Boston terrier love her and she loves them.. they lick her face, and she cracks up..
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  • One is more interested in DS than the other, but they both sniff and lick him.  He likes to "pet" them but it turns more into face/ear grabs and hair pulling so we are very careful.  I let him hold my finger and then reach for the dogs so he can't grab hold of something.

    He reached out the other day and snagged Callie's face. She yelped and then immediately sniffed him to see if he was ok.  I felt awful, hence the new finger technique. 

  • Teaching your kids early on to respect a dogs space is the best way to keep them safe.  While your dog may never hurt your LO, other dogs might not take kindly to a kid being rough with them.  Your doing the best thing for your dog and baby when you don't force them to interact and they learn to play independently!


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  • Our dachshund loves DS and is very protective of him too.  If DS is upset the dog will whine and try to get to him.  When friends come over for the first time the dog is constantly bark/growling at them especially if they are holding DS.  The dog is all bark and no bite though.  DS lets the dog lick his ears (we try to discourage the other licks) and likes to watch him but hasn't shown interest in "petting" him yet.

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