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Weaning/Routine help

My DD is 14 months old. If we are 'on the go' all day, she just eats her meals, catches a nap where she can (car, etc) and is fine to nurse first thing in the a.m. and last thing before she goes to sleep at night.

But if we are 'home' for the day, she won't settle down for a nap WITHOUT nursing. No about of soothing, or offering of bottle, or rocking or reading (etc, etc) will get her to nap.

We had a hard time sleep training her at night (strong willed girl!), but she finally got it down. Puts herself to sleep without a fuss. But we NEVER made progress during the day. So that is why she naps where she can - and when we're home, it's typically latched on.

We are trying for our second, and I'm starting to become concerned about weaning and establishing a sleep schedule for naps in the crib.

Have I passed the point of no return? Created a non-napping monster?! ;-)

Please advise on (1) tips of weaning that have worked for you for MID-DAY, (2) tips on weaning that have worked for you for AM and PM, and (3) any tips on establishing a day time routine if you're 1+ year without one.


Re: Weaning/Routine help

  • Jack was the same way, he would not nap at all without nursing, and about a week and a half ago, I quit.  Cold turkey.  And he didnt all. He hasnt put up a fight at night, and during the day when he wants milk I give him some in a cup.  I was shocked.  He actually naps better and more consistently now.
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  • Are you ready to be done nursing? Sounds like she is not ready yet. I still nurse my DS to sleep, or to a drowsy enough state to transfer him to his crib. Have you tried upping water/milk from an other source? DS never really drank juice (any kind), so he recently just started this and has been more willing to drink from another source, even gesturing more. My DS will be 17 months old this week. I think babies wean when they are ready.

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