Postpartum Depression

a breakthrough...

I normally just lurk here, but I thought you ladies might understand a little more than the other boards.

I have had severe anxiety ever since DD was born. Anxiety to the point that I would be sitting fine and dandy at work then all of a sudden I'm hyperventilating. I have hated every second that I am away from her. I was checking on her constantly while she napped or at night. It was getting to be crazy.

DD's room is right across from our master bedroom. Even though we have a video monitor and a regular monitor(just in case) I would always sleep facing her room. Last night was the first night that I was able to sleep facing the opposite direction. It's not much, but it was a pretty big step for me Big Smile

Just wanted to share!

Oh and hi :o) I hope everything is having a good day :o


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Re: a breakthrough...

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