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Diaper Genie - Yay or Nay?

Not sure if this is a good purchase.  I've heard mixed reviews.  What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?
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Re: Diaper Genie - Yay or Nay?

  • I have used one for both of my boys and think they are great.
  • We use it. It helps mask the stench that are my son's poopy diapers. Yes, they stink THAT bad.


    Definitely spend the extra and get the Diaper Genie II Elite. We got the cheaper one for a gift, because I had registered for that without realizing that the Elite was better. It broke within 3 days of using it. I went and bought the Elite, and it has been working ever since (for almost 4 months). Plus the Elite has a foot pedal in order to open it up. With the cheaper one you have to touch the lid to open it. 

  • We have the Diaper Genie Elite II and were please until recently. When there is a BM diaper in there the smell escapes every time you open the pail. We actually ended up putting baking soda in it to help when we don't have time to take the trash out right then. I wish we had bought the Arm and Hammer Pail that PP mentioned. We have heard much better reviews about that one.
  • yay yay yay

    I have had one with all 3 of my kids I love it. The refills are reasonable and our room never smells like stink.

  • You got a vote for Yay here!! I love our Diaper Genie Elite. Only down side is you have to empty it every 2-3 days, at least in my household you do. But I am sure this is the down side with all diaper trash receptacles.
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  • We use the Diaper Champ and love it!  It uses regular trash bags so you're not obligated to purchase refill packs like with the Diaper Genie. 
  • I really like mine.



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  • I have the Diaper Dekor and I love it.  I had the diaper champ with DD and stopped using it after she started on solids.  It definitely did not hold in the smell.  My sister has been using the Diaper Dekor for about a year and no smell either. 
  • We also have a diaper champ and we're happy with it.  You can use any kind of trash bag with it.  We always put poopy diapers in the smaller arm & hammer scented bags then chuck it in the diaper champ.
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  • I bought The First Years Clean Air Diaper Disposal that you can get at babies r us.  You can use regular tall kitchen garage bags.  I only empty mine once a week and the only times it may smell is when I open the lid.  I have had it last 2 weeks but garbage day is once a week here.  You just have to change the filter every 3 months but I make it last 4 months. I usually change the batteries at the same time.  I have had it for 3 years and it is still working.  I love it.  I read the reviews at the time of buying ut and the only complaint I saw was that the lid was loud when you closed it.  It does snap shut but it never bothered my kids.
  • image Hanginginthere2010:
    We use the Diaper Champ and love it!  It uses regular trash bags so you're not obligated to purchase refill packs like with the Diaper Genie. 

    same here.  we really like the fact that you can use regular kitchen trash bags. do have to open and shut it QUICKLY when emptying it, because the smell is retched!!  but it does contain the smell when it is closed, which is good.  we have to empty it every other day, but why would you want to wait any longer than that anyway?! LOL  

  • image egad76:
    We use the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail and have been really happy with it.

    same here. Yes

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  • Nay.

    image Brian'sWifey:
    We also have a diaper champ and we're happy with it.  You can use any kind of trash bag with it.  We always put poopy diapers in the smaller arm & hammer scented bags then chuck it in the diaper champ.

     This. I'd rather keep it simple and not be forced to use special bags. I line the bags with the 13 gallon Ruffies scented bags. I fold and tie the diapers up pretty small so (1) they don't give off as much odor and (2) they don't take up too much room in the can.

     I haven't needed to use the Arm & Hammer scented bags yet, but do envision doing so once LO starts solids. The other tip that I heard from an older mom at work is to dump part of the #2 into the toilet once LO starts solids, before bagging up the diaper. She says that unless you do that, no diaper can will contain the odor.

     I think I change it every 2-3 days, but that's because LO goes through slightly more diapers than the average baby. I don't mind, as I wind up emptying the bathroom trash can every day anyway.

     So far, the can and room smell fine. My SIL with a toddler uses the Dekor. I was over there and had to toss one of my LO's diapers in there. The stench was unbelievable!
  • We're on our third kid here, so the allure of the Diaper Genie is long gone. It's a pain to empty, I think, and the room always smells faintly of diaper.  We just dump them into the kitchen garbage, which is well covered and contained.
  • YAY YAY YAY!  Diaper Genie II, because everyone has told me that the first one doesn't work as well.  We have put MANY VERY STINKY diapers in it, and you can not smell it at all.  DH is in charge of trash, and he is slow, so the house would probably be stinky if we didn't have one.
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  • We use it for our twins. Works fine, no stink and it's been taking a double dose of dipes since October. It's not difficult to change the bag or refills. Refills are sold where ever we buy diapers so when we buy diapers, we buy refills. No big deal.
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  • Yes! I like the convienence of it. I actually have one upstairs and downstairs by his Pack N Play changing table. You can get the bags in bulk at wholesale stores like BJ's for $17. Smile
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  • Def. a yay!  Our nursery never smells like poo.  haha
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  • 100% a yes. Nursery smells great!! We even have one in her play area also by her playpen. I had heard mixed reviews but we LOVE them

  • we have the diaper genie elite II and LOVE it.
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