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I'm bummed today.....

I knew I was getting a cold b/c my throat was scratchy the last couple of days--- woke up this morning and could barely breathe (sinuses) and have a pounding headache--and full on head cold (and soon to be chest cold).

Why I'm bummed you asked?????  You never think kid parties are fun until you have a kid of your own (2nd timers know what I'm talking about, right?)  Today is a kiddie b-day party for one of my DH's friends kids----and I just love to watch my DS interact and have fun with other kids.  Well, how much I wanted to go and was trying to make myself go---as I almost vomited getting ready, I thought maybe it's best if I do just stay home and rest. 

PLUS b/c of his allergies my son can't have birthday cake so I made him special allergy-free cupcakes which he's super excited about.  I don't even get to see him eat it!  And this place has the best pizza ever--and I don't even get to have that. 

So I'm bummed.  I'm making lipton chicken soup b/c it's easy and will warm me--and then I guess I'll just watch bad tv until I fall asleep.  I guess the pro is an empty house and no toddler to watch after....but the cons I'm bummed about.  And it was so cute---my son and husband are wearing matching football shirts for today's game!  LOL

OK--vent over.  On to soup.....


Re: I'm bummed today.....

  • I understand your feelings completely.  I'm just recovering from my first cold/flu since being pregnant.  It is miserable!  I'm sorry you aren't able to join your family for the fun today, but hunker down under a warm blanket and enjoy that soup in peace and quiet.  Hope you feel better soon. 
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  • I'm sorry you're sick and have to miss the party, it's miserable being sick and pregnant!  I know how you feel-DH and I planned a romantic weekend in December and it wasn't fun at all because I had one of the worst colds I've had in awhile, I was really miserable and I wish we had postponed because I didn't enjoy any of it.

    I hope the soup helps and that you feel better soon!!

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  • Feel better soon! It must suck to miss out on the fun.... try to rest and take advantage of the peace and quiet!
  • I'm so sorry... I understand your bummed feeling, somedays I feel bummed for no reason at all. Sucks when you actually have reasons... Hang in there
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